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International Seal Day: The bloody slaughter of thousands of seals and pups is still a reality

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Today is International Seal Day, an opportunity to remind us how many threats these marine animals still pose today. This includes seal poaching, the world’s largest slaughter of a marine mammal, a disgrace that must be eradicated

International Stamp Day is celebrated on March 22, 2023, an event first established in 1982. This particular day of the year aims to raise awareness around the world for the conservation of these extraordinary creatures.

The aim is to make these marine mammals better known in order to protect them from threats to the species: habitat fragmentation, pollution of the seas, accidental catches and last but not least commercial hunting.

In the 21st century, unfortunately, seal hunting is still legal in some countries around the world. Canada is one of them. Between March and April its ice is blood red. The start of the hunting season marks the start of the slaughter. Hundreds of thousands of puppies arrive at a few weeks old Beaten, harpooned The HagabisSkinned alive for their fur.

The slaughter begins as the hunters’ boats approach the sea ice in the spring. Seals shoot on sight from their hulls as they desperately try to escape. Aiming at the head, they attack the seals with sharp knife and hook sticks to avoid spoiling the material needed for the industry.

Few can save themselves. Many, injured, die slowly in endless agony. Puppies among them have no chance of escaping without knowing how to swim.

As stated therein Assessments of IFAW, International Fund for Animal WelfareUp to 400,000 seals are slaughtered in Canadian waters each year, making it the largest slaughter of a marine mammal anywhere on the planet.

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There has been a sharp drop in demand for branded products since 2006, thanks to the scientific community’s interest in these inhumane practices and public outrage.

For decades, international organizations and associations have condemned these atrocities in every way at their disposal and declared war on seal hunters. Some progress has been made since then.

In 2004, the International Day of Action Against the Killing of Canadian Seals was held for the first time on March 15. In 2009, the European Parliament debated commercially hunted seal products. The ban was confirmed in the European Union in 2015.

Despite efforts, restrictions and bans to protect seal pups and discourage poachers, the slaughter continues to receive government subsidies and take place under the appalled eyes of all.

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Source: IFAW – Humane Society International

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