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Hockey Roller Club Monza TeamServiceCar, new tinkering with double purpose

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Here we need to put together a group that performs well in the league and on the European scene. Double goal Monza TeamServiceCar is pursuing Roller Hockey in the 2023-2024 season with a partially renewed staff. The red and white club has been working for some time to replace the previous three players, Sergi Torni, Marco Ardet and Eduardo Lanaro. The Italian-Argentine Francisco Bielsa, born in 2001, will arrive from San Juan Olympia. Elia Petrucci, born in 2002, from Forte dei Marmi, after a year with Ingas Vercelli, and Alessandro Uva, born in 2006, from Scandiano. Team Hrcm, which qualified for World Skate Europe thanks to a hard-fought playoff success against Bassano, was saved in the playoffs in the previous two tournaments. He hasn’t been on the “old” Sears Cup stage since the 2016-2017 season. But in the 2018-2019 season he took part in the Euroleague, the “old” Champions Cup. The group will meet on September 4th. “As always – explains coach Franco Girardelli – we will start with the intention of improving. Together with some well-tested players, such as Matteo Gallimberti and Julian Tambourendeghi (photo), we will introduce some new additions, of which we speak very well”.

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