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Morgia sunk in schwa, alarm bill in 2022 and Maneskin: So, today…

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– I manskin Made in the United States in front of the plate of macaroni Checkered tablecloth. Someone has been scandalized, talking about “public places”. And sorry: why should we be angry if they serve us the best dish in the world? We should thank them for the publicity

– In Milan, Mayor Sala invites us to “work” to solve a problem pebble, that sidewalk cursed by those who ride a motorbike from start to finish: constant tremors, danger of falling, and the ski slope barely making two drops of water. There seem to be “supervision restrictions”, but maybe they can be removed somewhere. It will be time

To be a feminist, there is no need to start useless fights. He must have understood (would he understand?) Michela Murgia Read the interview with Courier service Elena Lowenthal, Director of the Turin Readers’ Club. Suggestion or offer Morgana to use schwa? “Lost from the start, can not be pronounced.” Praise to those who think with the brain

There is an interesting investigation about a life-saving drug that has disappeared from pharmacies. Incredible story, read here

– It might be more awkward over there Reverse Conti From the decision to cry over the failure of the division of opinion. Grillo is right (and this surprises us): It’s only good at making the penultimate. If you make a promise, at least try to keep it for two weeks

Parliament’s final approval of Del Water and electricity bills, which works about 3 billion to sterilize the increase in the energy cost of households. Well very well. But watch out because the problem will recur in 2022. In fact, starting in January everything starts all over again. According to the Energy, Network and Environment Authority (Arrera), without new corrections by Draghi, in the first quarter of 2022, increases are expected. Translator: It is a bitter cabbage

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– Yes from the EU to anti-immigrant walls in Poland. When Salvini said it, Urban and Meloni were smelly. On the other hand, if the green light comes from Brussels, everyone will remain silent. As they say: Better late than never

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