Home science LIVE TMW – Hellas, Theodore: “The lasagna will make room, it’s okay. Ten of us are fighting to save ourselves”

LIVE TMW – Hellas, Theodore: “The lasagna will make room, it’s okay. Ten of us are fighting to save ourselves”

LIVE TMW – Hellas, Theodore: “The lasagna will make room, it’s okay. Ten of us are fighting to save ourselves”

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14.30 – Verona is determined to resume his career in the league after the equalizer with the goals he scored four days ago against Cagliari. On the eve of the first leg in Venice, Gialobello coach Igor Theodor He will answer questions from reporters at the club’s headquarters. The conference is due to begin at 2.45 pm: We suggest below, in direct written form, all his statements.

14.43 The start of the press conference.

The opponents begin to get acquainted with Hellas. Do you talk to the boys? Can anything be changed? Will it be possible to see more lasagna?
“We will definitely see him more, also because Kalinic is probably injured until January, and also because he is fine. Sometimes he decides the match. In terms of systems and precautions, we often think of Plan A and Plan B but a lot of times Plan A needs to be. Improvement There are opponents, moments of the season. On Tuesday the team deserved to win more than Genoa. We need to focus on performance, as time goes on, matches are won more and more difficult: those who have fallen do not want to make a mistake, teams begin to know each other better. Better and cover weaknesses as well, as in the past few matches. Then every match is a story in itself.”

Venice Surprise: Which opponent do you expect?
“I expect a tough match, against a team that organizes themselves well defensively. They have wit, from those who expect nothing, in quotes. They have interesting players, with good legs. If you let them play, they will play. Be important not to allow transitions. And be in your best, and do the most important thing of all, which is to do nothing. Venice accepts little, you have to be good at taking advantage of what they give you and give up nothing for them.”

Is it possible to revive the two staged formula, or will the Thames play?
“Everyone who is better off now will play. I expect a good match from us.”

Among those fighting for redemption, is Venice the best?
“We fight in ten to save ourselves, there are a lot of us. I don’t trust anything or anyone. Like I said, if they have fifteen points, it’s no accident. They are a serious team, doing a good job and taking advantage of talent. Empoli suggested a match.” Good against us. I expect a tough match, it will be necessary for us to stay on the right track and do our thing.”

Has Davidovich become one of your leaders?
“He is a good and wise man. The most important thing for a defender is not to make mistakes, he is an important player for us, and he is also an important player in the national team. I am lucky to have him, he has also become a captain because he speaks more and conveys the desire to win.”

Will we see Magnani?
“The others did a good job. He has good skills, it’s up to him to prove he deserves to play. I’m glad if someone doubts me.”

Can these two strangers be irreplaceable?
Yes, they always played.

Can we expect some changes in turnover tomorrow?
“It will to some extent be a continuation.”

What rifle can we expect on a tactical level, in a narrower field?
“He is narrower than two or three meters. He organizes himself well on the defensive level, he studies the other teams. Then it also depends on us: if you let them play, they want to play, they have people with a good leg and high quality. Poor players: they are organized, but They also have good players. It will be up to us to show that we are better than them.”

14.57 The end of the press conference.


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