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Shakerchi wins Triton Poker Vietnam Main for 3.2 million: ‘But I’m not a pro!’

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The 59-year-old Londoner won the Dryden Poker Series’ Vietnam Main Event for $3.2 million in the first coin.

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He dominated Day 2 After a debut it wasn’t exciting, but still competitive. In the end Dalal Shekarchi Won the main event Triton Poker Series Vietnam A The first $3.25 million coin After settling Michael Soyza, Germany were taken by surprise Daniel Smilkovich It seemed possible to change the regime. The strong businessman, who still claims to be a poker amateur, has achieved incredible success, devoting himself more to the Olympus of more partners. “I want to play with the best, and whatever you do, you’ll be satisfied. Challenge yourself and try to do your best. He doesn’t want to be considered a professional player even though he won $12.5 million and won a third of his previous tournaments. “Move me to another area. Don’t try – said Talal to Ali Nejad in the final lines – I am not a professional player. I spend a lot of time playing poker because it is my main hobby. But I’m definitely not. Do it for work”.

Happy birthday to all. We certainly won’t see him “massaging” the competition at Abi 50 or the like. We’ve never seen a medium purchase match.
However, he continues to defeat many top players who claim to be superprofessionals. And they are, by the way.

Shekarchi entered today’s nine-handed final table as the chip leader, but with the likes Adrian Mateos, Fedor Holz and Timothy Adams on his side. It can be assumed that there is nothing. However, Shekarchi briefly slipped out of the lead, only when Malaysia’s Michael Soyza broke his stack.

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After Shekarchi defeated Soyza in an adrenaline pumping matchTheir short two-handed battle won huge pots and ended the game with A7s diamonds against Soyza’s offsuit QJ.
Instead, Soyza, who had far less typical days than Shekarchi and German Smiljkovic, was rewarded with $2.2 million for his efforts.
Adrian Mateos in fourth place with 1.2 million and Fedor Holz still found himself among six people to win nearly 1 million. Better results for Adams, Petrangelo, Yu and Hrabec, the latter more and more on fire.

Event #9 – 100,000 NLH Main Event
Dates: 8-10 March 2023
Entries: 135 (of which 45 returns)
Prize money: $13,500,000

1 – Dalal Shekarchi (UK) – 3,250,000
2 – Michael Soyza (Malaysia) – 2,207,000
3 – Daniel Smilkovic (Germany) – 1,450,000
4 – Adrian Mateos (Spain) – 1,201,000
5 – Fedor Holz (Germany) – 965,000
6 – Timothy Adams (Canada) – 756,000
7 – Nick Petrangelo (USA) – 566,800
8 – Winfred Yu (Hong Kong) – 418,400
9 – Roman Hirabek (Czech Republic) – 324,000

10 – Lun Lun (Malaysia) – 270,000
11 – Seth Gottlieb (USA) – 270,000
12 – David Yan (New Zealand) – 237,000
13 – Wiktor Malinowski (Poland) – 237,000
14 – Brian Kim (USA) – 216,000
15 – Johannes Strawer (Netherlands) – 216,000
16 – Sam Grafton (UK) – 195,400
17 – Brian Kenny (US) – 195,400
18 – Eric Seidel (USA) – 175,000
19 – Sam Greenwood (Canada) – 175,000
20 – Mike Watson (Canada) – 175,000

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