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Meloni and eight members of the government start tomorrow in Vinitali, numbers in chiaroscuro

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Vinithali 2023 is ongoing

Beyond A thousand top buyers from 68 countries (+ 43% compared to 2022) with China and Japan as the major revenue earners in Asia and registered representatives from the US, Canada, South America and Northern Europe. The Vinithali Scheduled from tomorrow to April 5 in Verona, it is confirmed to be a showcase for a healthy sector nearing the finish line. 8 billion euro turnover And it is one of the flags of Italy in the world. Numbers illustrating half the government of the city of Venice: from the first, From Georgia Meloni to Salvini, Urso, Santange, Tajani and of course the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lolloprigida.

A vinithali that celebrates the results achieved, but also confronts the pressing issues of the moment: from The problem with the labels Ireland requested from the EU on the “harm” of alcoholto the explosion Interest rates And some Charges This has reduced returns and risks deterring new investment. Up to the title Protection of religions Italian-made drink has been championed by those looking for “shortcuts” to easy income to the detriment of the overall image of achieved quality. It is no coincidence that the same Minister Lolobrigida is speaking The world of wine “in the trenches”..

Chiaroscuro numbers

According to the analysis of the Uiv Laboratory (Union of Italian Wines), Ismia and VinitaliDespite the erosion of supply chain margins (especially for low-cost products) the market has held up over the past twelve months and the end result, considering the economic situation, can be considered positive. The trade balance ends with a surplus of over 7.3 billion euros. The observatory notes that there is awareness that business registration is undoubtedly determined by the doping of dangerous prices based on the consumption forecast for 2023.

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The alarm bell is In a severe recession in the last quarter of 2022, +5% against +19% in March, +11% in June and +12% in September, volumes are in negative wake (average -3% since June, only positive in the first quarter). Among the competitors, France confirmed as world leader with 12.3 billion euro (+11% value and -5% volume) Italy maintains its position as the number one supplier in terms of volume and second in value ahead of Spain (2.98 billion euros, +3.5% in values ​​and -9% in volumes).


They grow by value All major markets launch United States (+10%) It is confirmed as the first Italian export market with a market share of 23%. Among the top buyers, Germany follows (15% share), which increased by 5% to 1.2 billion euros; Then the United Kingdom (+10%), Canada (+11%), Switzerland (+3%) and France in strong progress (+25%). The image of volumes at all key locations is different, decreasing or constantThe (US -6%, Germany -2%, UK -4%) except for the Transalpine region (+16%, due to the impressive growth of prosecco, +20%). Chinese demand is still falling, closing the bottled wine front accounts at -28%.


in categories Strong driving force from sparkling wines continues, rising +19% in value (Prosecco +22%) and confirm positive volumes (+6%, including +6% Prosecco and +9% Asti Spumante), Yet while bottled wines struggle (-3% volume), reds close in at -4% volume and +4% value against whites at +12%. In particular, for reds, volumes are decreasing in lower positioning ranges (below 3 euros), while premium wines are holding up well and showing really good growth, especially from Piedmont (+9%), from Veneto (+4%) and Tuscany (+6%). ). Sparkling wines lose 7% in volume but gain 6% in value.

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Veneto strengthens its leadership in Italian exports, It accounts for 36% of the national total. Second and third places on the podium are also confirmed Piedmont Slow growth and closely followed Tuscany. followed by Trentino Alto-Adige and Emilia-Romagna. accelerations Friuli Venezia Giulia, Marche and Sicily.

China and America are toast here

Troubles aside, this 55th edition of the Scala exhibition is indeed off to a great start. Of the 68 countries represented at Vinitali, 200 importers stand out USA and Canadawith no less than eleven new contacts from major retailers in the Midwest, leaders of Prophet (National Beverage Importers Association, Alcohol Importers Association of America) and the Société des Alcools du Quèbec (Saq) and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), the two most important Canadian monopolies.

And, as mentioned, there is also return China: 130 Purchasing Managers including the top twenty domestic importers. Russia is once again absent. But the country’s market share at war with sanctions has already been offset by growth elsewhere.

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