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Massimo Polidoro, “Science Helps Fight Fake News”

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Guest writer and director on “A Tutto Volume,” Massimo Polidoro He recounts the tribute during the opening of the festival to Piero Angela, with whom he collaborated. “We live in a deeply technological society: understanding the mentality of this age and the opportunities it offers means entering a world whose language we do not know.”

The interview with Massimo Polidoro

Journalist, writer and science publisher, Massimo Polidoro is the author of the book “Incredible science. How beliefs and beliefs are formed and why the worst of them never die’, a work in which Polidoro explains what leads us to support the most outlandish or utterly absurd ideas, and to mistake simple suggestions for stainless evidence. Below, journalist Giada Giaquinta’s interview with Massimo Polidoro.

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The literary festival “Volume Toto – Celebration Books in Ragusa” is an important cultural event for the city and for the whole of Sicily. The event, which is now entering its 14th edition, provides participants with the opportunity to meet authors of national and international renown, participate in discussions and conferences, as well as attend high-level artistic and musical performances. Important media partnerships including Rai Cultura, Tgr Rai, Radio Rai 3 and Libreriamo are also witnessing the festival’s growth on a national level.

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