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Cesena, you’d better change a little and keep the balance

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With 9 points behind the leaders, is Cesena still hoping for a direct promotion? What should he do in January to try? The first opinion on the matter comes from those who made that leap with Cesena, making it above all twice to Serie A, former Juventus coach Pierpaolo Pessoli: “Reclaiming even just one between Modena and Reggiana will not be easy, but Cesena does a lot well and must To continue like this. The Emilion keeps an incredible pace: getting third place would be an excellent goal, because it is not easy to recover 9 points, but not the best you can: keep going, then who knows. But be careful behind: Pescara And Intella certainly did not give up their positions.”

To try climbing, or at least keeping third place, intervention is not always the answer: «In football, the dynamics are important, not the labels. Cesena has found this a certain balance and when that is the case it does not mean that taking someone who improves the team is the right thing, on the contrary: when I won at Cesena in January we always changed little or nothing.”

Not everything is closed even for those that Cesena brought back in C after the failure, Giuseppe Angelini: “The first goal is to keep the same schedule for the first match, hoping that the two leaders will not do the same. If Cesena scores another 39 points and the others stay ahead, It’s good for them. But the season is long and there are still all the head-to-head clashes and things can happen. Then there is the Covid variant that can affect: last year Cesena was beaten and suffering, and the unknown is just around the corner.”

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winter market? Not necessary, on the contrary: “Personally I would not go to touch anything: this Cesena strength is a group made up of men who have worked together for a long time and the introduction of a new entry, however strong, carries more risks for me than advantages. He has the second best defense, he scores there and there are many respectable young players: Cesena is not a team of very strong individuals to collect, like Modena, it is built in a different way and must keep ambitions high.”

Alberto Bergossi, a famous agent in the Romagna region, also said: “I honestly see it very difficult for Cesena to finish the season in first place, because it is difficult for both Emilians to collapse in the second leg. However, he has what it takes at least to retain third place. And he played his chances in the qualifiers because he has a competitive team and a good coach. I’ve watched many matches and the Bianconeri play good football and attack, in particular, is important for the category. In January, I will add one or two pieces max: the extra substitute up front won’t He is bad, and also an experienced full-back who can raise the level even more.”

So instead, Angelo Rea, former Juventus player now an agent of, among others, Tommaso Berti and Filippo Guccione, one of January’s targets: “The gap isn’t small but the pressure to come back will be felt for them and from that point on. Looking at Cesena, with a budget that’s half as low as Modena And Regiana, he has nothing to lose: never say never. If he can include some important elements in the team, he can play to the end: first of all, a striker who expands the division while also considering possible defections. Perhaps even a midfielder can guarantee some Missing goals so far: This will be the crowning glory but first and foremost a striker will be needed.”

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