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TV with clips next to the coffin

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Friends and relatives, but also the entire Bagnacavallo community very close to him, today and tomorrow will be able to say their final farewells to Ivano Mariscotti, who passed away at the age of 77 after a long illness. The actor’s burial chamber took place in the Sala Oriani of the former San Francisco convent in Bagnacavallo (Via Cadorna 14) and is open today Tuesday from 2-6pm and tomorrow Wednesday from 10-15pm local time. who will bid farewell. Offers will be collected for IOR. At 16.30 the coffin will leave for Ravenna for cremation.

His wife, Erika Leonelli, was present when the body arrived, the doors still closed. And next to the coffin, among the bouquets of flowers and messages of condolence, a screen was placed on which some movie clips and plays of the late actor are shown, who in this way, despite his disappearance, continue to entertain everyone. And we’re sure he—who, as his wife said, used to say “I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of death”—would have appreciated it.

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