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“Science is my profession!” Unimore dedicates the month of February to mentoring – SulPanaro

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the Department of Physical, Computational and Mathematical Sciences at Unimore Allocate a month February for orientation and development of transversal skills Intended for high school students who want to learn about the educational and career path of the subjects covered in this section.

Let's Begin toMonday, February 5, in Classroom L1.1 From the physics building Department of Physical, Computational and Mathematical Sciences (FIM) at Unimorefrom 9.30 to 17.00, with an orientation day entitled “Science is my profession!”: High school students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of what it means to study the department's disciplines (physics, computer science and mathematics) and discover the many job opportunities that the labor market currently offers to graduates in the three disciplines. Today's program includes speeches by professionals with degrees in physics, computer science and mathematics, currently working in important local national and international companies or, at different levels, in teaching, who will present their practical experiences and describe the extent to which their degree in these scientific disciplines has been instrumental in Develop their careers.

This initiative is the opening day of a wider proposal for cross-cutting mentoring and skills development pathways (so-called PCTOs) that FIM is introducing to schools in February. during the week From 5 to 9 Februarysecond edition of “Face to Face with Science: A Week with Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics” (An initiative that takes on the legacy of the established training “Week as a Scientist”): Students in their final years of high school Coming from 15 schools From our territory, selected from among the people most interested in the department's specialties, they will have the opportunity Work closely with researchers and professors at the universityTo deepen their knowledge in different fields of physics, computer science and mathematics, alternating between seminars and laboratory activities and rephrasing the topics covered. The most awaited moment of the weekend is the traditional one.”competition“, a challenge in which students, divided into small groups, will present, in an effective and innovative way, in a few minutes and without traditional teaching aids, a concept or topic chosen from those covered during the week, assisted only with commonly used objects. The best presentations will be rewarded With Unimore tools and some of the most beautiful and famous scientific books.

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During the same week (From 5 to 9 February 2024) will also happen “Quantitative Training” Which, as part of the Italian Quantum Weeks initiative, is dedicated to quantum physics and its applications and includes the participation of A Fourth and thirty-fifth grade students. During the training period, some basic ideas of quantum physics, such as quantum superposition, incompatible physical quantities, and entanglement, will be introduced through games and simulations as well. Plus opening day February 5the February 13 and 22 will be dedicated to “MoReBots: STEM and Coding Lab”, a programming and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) lab intended for high school students where computer science is not a subject of study. Approximately thirty students will be divided into small groups and, under the guidance of teachers, will face exercises of increasing difficulty through “challenge-based” learning to learn to work in a group and develop computational thinking, that is, to find and develop solutions to real problems, even complex ones, and begin to recognize Scientific specialization is absent in their studies.

The week of February 5 to 9 will see the first edition of PCTO taking place “Is mathematics my profession? Self-assessment lab” Starting from their perception of the mathematics offered at school, high school students and department teachers will discuss what is expected of a mathematics course at university and the prejudices that still characterize the personalities of mathematicians. Activities will be proposed with the aim of guiding boys and girls towards a self-assessment process that will help them Choose your future and university career consciously. All initiatives are coordinated by Scientific Culture Publishing Authority From the Department of Physical, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, headed by Prof. Dr Michela Eleuteriand involve the three spirits of the oath.

Our PCTOs are a very important tool with which we introduce our activities to students who will be the professionals of tomorrow– says the professor Michela EleuteriProviding them with valuable information that can better guide them in their educational and professional journey. This year we wanted to expand and diversify our offer of PCTO courses, trying to meet as much as possible the needs and expectations of students, their aptitudes and abilities, in the interdisciplinary context that has always characterized our department. The commitment made by our team and the dedication with which the various PCTO offices are organized over the years allows us to be a consistent reference point for schools and teachers in the region.“.

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