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International Prize “Nord Sud” for Literature and Science: Here are the winners

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Pescara. Laureates of the 12th edition of the NordSud International Prize for Literature and Science: Durs Grünbein for poetry, with the collection Il bosco bianco. Other Poems and Writings (Mimesis, 2020). Born in Dresden, living between Berlin and Rome, and a poet laureate of the Büchner-Priece – Germany’s highest award – Durs Grünbein is one of the most important and enduring poetic voices of our time.

For the Social Sciences Prize, the winner is Arun Agrawal, with the publication From Environment to Governance for Sustainability (One Earth, 5/2022). Born in Forbesganj, India, Arun Agrawal is a professor in the University of Michigan School of the Environment.

The winners join the prestigious list of honors for previous editions, which have seen the award, among others: Peter Handke (Nordsud Prize 2009 and Nobel Prize 2019) Kamila Shamsi, Alexander Hemon, Lars Gustafsson, Luis Sepulveda, Michael Kruger, Ko On, Andre Aciman, Yang Lian For literature, Lucia Futano, Coomaraswamy Villa Philopillai, Giovanni F. Benami, Jean-Paul Fitossi, Anwar Sheikh, Eduardo Ponsinelli, Xu Heng Chen, Ragupathi Venkatachalam, and Ilaria Capua, for Science.

The award was created to encourage contacts, exchanges and influences between North and South Mondo, captures the fruits of contrasts, out of different subjects. The dialogue of the “figurative south” and the “figurative north”, through literature and science, to integrate the present with a reciprocal relationship that continues without interruption.

Speakers at the award ceremony: Nicola Matuscio (President of the Pescarabruzzo Foundation), Carlo Masi (Mayor of Pescara), Stefka Omitran (Prize Trustee).

During the awards ceremony, the winners will speak with their written contributions to the event on the “Contemporary Idea”.

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The award ceremony will take place on Friday January 27, at 17:30, at the Pescarabruzzo Foundation, on Corso Umberto I.n. 83 in Pescara.

Free entry subject to availability.

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