Home Top News Crisito refuses to allow millions of Canadians to stay in Genoa: I want to help

Crisito refuses to allow millions of Canadians to stay in Genoa: I want to help

Crisito refuses to allow millions of Canadians to stay in Genoa: I want to help

Mimo Cristito was a symbol of hope for Genoa’s salvation struggle. However, it is inevitable that Serie B will be pushed with the Ligurian captain who signed for Toronto FC a few months ago and should have flown to Canada with Insane.

Napoli’s 3-0 victory in the final round of the championship allowed them to finish the Serie A championship in the best possible way in the presence of their own people, congratulating them with a round result. Lorenzo Insine Will be wearing the jersey from next season Toronto FC. The last race on the current former Neapolitan captain ‘Maradona’ was greeted by a large crowd of Frattamagiorians throughout the day. The goal scored was without a hitch in one race but on the other Sentenced Genoa to dismiss. In fact, despite their incredible success at home against Juventus, the Ligurians could not avoid returning to the Cadet Series after 16 years in Serie A. That goal from Mimmo Crisito On a penalty, he made the Roseople people dream of having to surrender after the Neapolitan trio.

The Genoa captain was the symbol of these last two days. From a missed penalty in the derby against Samperia, Genoa could have leveled the game and given a chance to fully return to the game, with hope for Zoe. At the end of the game ‘Maradona”s Tears Under the Sector Allocated to Genoa’s Sectors is a two-month epilogue to Cercola’s defender in the province of Naples, who must share a new adventure. Insine in Canada, Always before player denial at Toronto FC. In an interview with Secolo XIX, Criscito did not talk about this choice, but said he would like to stay in Genoa on Seri B, using his last year contract to try to climb immediately from B to A. Just 12 months on the lap. “I’m ready to talk to the club in the coming days.”

Criscito has no doubts about his future and during the interview he talks unequivocally about his desire to stay in Serie B in Genoa: “If I have space? I hope I get it – he said – I still have a one year contract I want to lend a hand for immediate recovery. “ However, the company already intends to create a team that can compete best for promotion to Serie A next season in Serie B: “I haven’t talked to the club yet and I think we’ll do that in the next few days – Crisitto Added – We sit around a table talking about the future. I’m ready and I still want to help Genoa. ”

The Genoa captain criticizes the company’s management for hiring players and coaches, three of whom were replaced in the same season. “We deserve a Serie A for what we did on the field this year.” That said definitively. And his fate seemed to be sealed in the market last January. Toronto FC put in two years’ salary 2.5 million euros and bonuses totaling over 5. An offer that is certainly incomparable with Insigne, but certainly satisfying for a player who has been on the threshold for 36 years. He has refused for Genoa’s love and for Genoa’s love he is ready to bring his club back to Serie A.


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