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Sabbath’s home is in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

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Roman made his directorial debut Marco CerilliHorror House of the Sabbath Preparing to cross the Italian border.

Produced by Luba Films Lewis ShepherdIn fact, starting December 27, 2022, the film will be available on Blu-ray in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Salamander House.

Robert Santana, a famous Italian-American writer of horror novels, comes to Puglia to spend a few days in an old abandoned house near the sea. Due to the disturbing events of several years ago and a strange video circulating on the internet, a bad reputation is floating around the place. The real estate agent tries to convince Robert to buy it, but the writer only wants to spend a few days in it to find the perfect inspiration. The memory of the house begins to manifest itself with hallucinations, which the writer refers to as ideas for his novel. He later meets some residents of the area, who tell him the story of a sect that came there in the 1970s to build a temple dedicated to Satanic worship. So the writer will soon find out that the division continues.

Filmed during the dramatic period of Covid-19, House of the Sabbath It’s a reinterpretation of the trend of haunted houses and macabre possessions, however, with the ghostly figure taking on an aspect that deliberately alternates between the grotesque and the disturbing.

They are actors in the film Marco Acetti (Letter H), Corinna Coroneo (Reverse), Marco Cerilli, Frank Naka, Clare Pavoni (Violent Stool: The Movie), Nicole Stella, Fiorella Franco And Matthew Shepherd.

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The music is signed by the bluesman and actor Clive RichHe also voiced the character of Professor Vassago, the author’s neighbor.

Composed the original soundtrack JawStage name of Simone Pastore, former member of the duo From Blitz.

Lewis ShepherdAs the producer of the film LuPa, in addition to taking care of the artistic supervision of the project, he is the director of photography, teacher, editor of the course and together Marco CerilliCo-writer of the film.

Fantastic Forge School turned off the special effects Sergio BootsSupports the crafting technique used in horror classics.

Blu-ray release Salamander House The pre-orders of American multinational Walmart, the world’s largest chain in organized distribution channel, are expected to:

Official Trailer:

Facebook page:


Duration: 93′

Post Graduate Degree: DCP Cinema

Audio: 5.1 and mix stereo, international tracks are also available

Subtitles: English

Additional: Backstage; Trailer

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