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A space for Russian circus performers

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Rosolina – After success in Adria, a Russian circus arrives for the first time in Lido Rosolina Marie. He will pitch his tent on Via Sant’Antonio, in the car park of the Mediterranean village. With the most famous surname in Italy, the Rossi family’s Italian band has been a circus for generations.

It will appear for the first time on Thursday, August 4 at 9.15 pm and will remain in the coastal city for eighteen days, One show every evening at 9.15pm until Sunday, August 21. The circus, its history, and its characters, Amark from the past. Stories of life, emotions and whims that have gathered since the dawn of history.

Small and powerful Russian circus A tradition, with space for artists only, including clowns, juggling, antipodes, aerial hoops and acrobatics awarded at various festivals. The show is perfect for the whole family and kids can also enjoy the many cartoon characters live. In addition to numbers of magic and illusion, a performance with fire and soap bubbles is also performed. The Laser Man represents the novelty of the 2022 shipping season. For information, you can call 339.6694353.

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