Home sport Salzburg wins at Sparkass Stadium and ties the series

Salzburg wins at Sparkass Stadium and ties the series

Salzburg wins at Sparkass Stadium and ties the series

Photo: 2024, Vanna Antonello

The semi-final series between HCB Alto Adige Alperia and EC Red Bull Salzburg returned to a draw, with the Austrians winning 3-1 in the second match in front of 5,500 spectators at the Sparkasse Arena. A very balanced match that was decided by some fatal mistakes by the red and white teams. On Sunday we continue with Match 3 at Eisarena (6.30pm, live on TV33, Puls24 and public screening at H1 Eventspace at the Bolzano Fair).

News. Coach Glenn Hanlon proposes the same line-up seen in the first match, thus releasing the injured Migliorenzi, Halmo and Frank.

Tight rhythm and great balance from the first minutes of the match. The first to try were the Red Bulls, with Lewington testing the reflexes of Harvey, who also performed well after a brief spell with Remsha. The red and white's best chance is on the stick of Mantenuto, who receives it from Frigo and shoots wide of the slot. On the power play, Bolzano became dangerous again, this time when Thomas' shot hit the outside of the post.

Even in the central period, the idea of ​​the match does not change, even if the Foxes try to play the game and create good chances in Tolvanen's area: among the most inspiring players is DiGiacinto, who at the end of an exceptional personal act managed to taunt the opposing goalkeeper between his legs, but the ball stops on the post. . On the other hand, it was Harvey who saved the score, putting pressure on Thaler's conclusion. The match heats up after the halfway mark. At 32:23, Nesner is able to enter the attacking third unhindered and rewards the introduction of Robertson, who cannot commit a two-step foul. Bolzano breaks away and starts giving ice to the Red Bulls, who come close to doubling their lead on several occasions. The Foxes need their second power play of the evening to wake up and score the equalizer at 38:18: Vandan's long-range shot is blocked by Alberga, the ball bounces off the rail behind the goal, goes back to Tolvanen's back and slots Carum into the net. . The joy of the 1-1 score lasts only 14 seconds: defensive inattention allows Raffl to exploit Thaler's pass to score the new Austrian lead.

The Foxes wasted steam early in the third quarter, coming close to equalizing twice with DiGiacinto, who was stopped by Tolvanen in fine form. Bolzano tried to raise his center of gravity to level the score, but rarely found clean shots. At 50:43 the goal that “killed” the game: Paul Hooper, who had a goal shortly before, pounces on a loose ball and finds the top corner. The score 1-3 weighs heavily on the Red and White, who struggle to find offensive solutions and not even on the power play, 4 minutes away from the siren, are they able to reduce the lead, despite two chances for Miceli. The score does not change again until the siren sounds.

HCB Alto Adige Alberia – Red Bull Salzburg 1 – 3 [0-0; 2-1; 0-1] – Series: 1-1

Networks: 32:23 Dennis Robertson (0-1); 38:18 Domenico Alberga (1-1); 38:32 Thomas Raffl (1-2); 50:43 Paul Hooper (1-3)

Shot on goal: 25-31
Penalty minutes:

the reviewer: Perajić, Zrnic / Dormis, Conc
Viewers: 5,510


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