Home science Liceo Cassini of Genoa: One hundred years between science and rights. Events through May: here

Liceo Cassini of Genoa: One hundred years between science and rights. Events through May: here

Liceo Cassini of Genoa: One hundred years between science and rights.  Events through May: here

Women's rights between history and the present, climate instability, as well as a meeting on “Oppenheimer and Physics in War” and an evening dedicated to astronomy. The city gates are open at the scientific secondary school Cassini Genoa To celebrate the school's centenary. Journey from the Great Hall that will transform the institute named after him Gian Domenico Cassini, A mathematician and astronomer who lived between the end of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth century, in a cultural center looking to the future.

«It has always been a prestigious school that tries to develop excellence and passion in children – explains the principal Martina Viola – Without forgetting the welcome and training to become responsible citizens. We are one of the best-achieving secondary schools in Italy, and those who choose this path know that it will be a challenging path.” Among the illustrious “Cassinians” are the advocates Giacomo Buranellothe model student with ten in behavior, and Walter Vilac But also a singer-songwriter Luigi Tenco Although he did not complete his studies there. Centenary celebrations began last November with an exhibition tracing the history of the high school to coincide with the anniversary. «But the party will last for a whole year – continues the director – initiatives have been planned involving current and former students and teachers, and we decided to open the doors to the Genoese with a series of meetings also on current affairs. And I hope that many young people will participate.” We start on Tuesday 5 March at 5 pm with Professor Paolo Batifore’s conference “In Search of Identity (Lost, Threatened, Assumed?)” which will analyze the dynamics of globalization, the increasing impact of migration phenomena and also the value of terms such as e.g. Roots, culture and traditions. The professor will return to the chair on Friday, March 22 Giuseppe Brozanetti, former Cassini mathematics and physics teacher, with a lesson on Robert Oppenheimer and physics in war: After the tragedies of Hirosima and Nagasaki, nothing is as it used to be. It was a radical turning point that affected ideas of science, research, war and peace, as well as diplomacy. Genoa High School is also one of the few Italian schools with a rooftop observatory.

“It was opened about twenty years ago, and then after a period of hiatus we resumed astronomy courses with children who have always had an interest and passion for these subjects,” says the director. The centenary conferences will continue for two months: Tuesday, April 23, in the meeting with the amateur astronomer from the Polaris Society Luigi Pizzimenti All eyes are on “The Unstable Climate Balance: Earth between Ice and Global Warming”, while on May 8th for the final event, the school will also remain open at night for “Astronomy Evening – A Poetic Science Journey Among the Stars”, an astrophysics conference, with an experience in the dome Celestial and observing the night sky. During the evening, the winners of the photographic drawings competition will be honored, “So we went out to see the stars again.” “After a hundred years, we hope to resist for at least another century – concludes the director – and continue to provide a prestigious education.”


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