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Young Switzerland is preparing for the World Cup. without her star

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An intensive training camp in Vierumäki, southern Finland, from now until July 28 to allow the national U20 team to raise their level as quickly as possible in an unusual period for them, in the height of summer: however, there are no alternatives, in one month the World Championships was held in Edmonton Which was canceled last December with the start of the tournament since the arrival of the third wave of the epidemic.

On orders from Marco Bayer, the three goalkeepers and twenty-five recalled players (including Ticino player Brian Zanetti, Peterborough Pitts in effect) will play four friendlies in a week against the Czech Republic and Finland. Marco Bayer says: “Everyone is very excited waiting to live this important moment, even though they arrived so early in the season. Next week will be decisive for us, and it will allow us to understand where we are currently, which will help us adapt to the international pace in light of the start of the World Cup.”

Switzerland decided, among other things, to dispense with Lian Bichsel, our hockey rising star, who was freshly picked in the first round by the Dallas Stars in their latest NHL draft, two weeks ago. And why was soon explained. “Bichsel had already missed the first training camp in Zug, despite receiving a summons – they say from Federhockey -. Since then the staff and national team manager Lars Weibel have been in constant contact with the player and his crew, explaining to the boy several times the importance of participating in pre-training camps, though he decided not to answer two calls. Hence the decision to exclude him from the World Cup selection.”

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