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Roller hockey, defeating Azura in Montecchio: the dream of flying to the final four playoffs is fading

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Azzurra Novara’s great season ends in the worst possible way, dropping 8-4 at Montecchio (going 4-4) and bidding farewell to the last square to move to A1. A good method by Novarese is not enough, who paid a heavy price for expulsion after even 10 minutes of Gonzalez for a forbidden kick against an opponent.

From the start the race was very tense and nervous. to To open it, Ferrari takes care of him, and recovers a loose ball into the opponent’s area after a long-range shot from Gonzalez kills goalkeeper Pavan.. But in 15 seconds, the overtaking is achieved at 8 minutes: first, Gonzalez naively loses the ball in his own half, commits a foul, and in the subsequent penalty, Pussetto finds the way to surprise Gilly. The ball in the middle, Campagnolo immediately recovers the ball and sideways from a tight angle make 2-1.

The situation accelerates soon after: Posito triples at the end of a personal action, which Gori tries to remedy by scoring too low, but after 10 minutes of competition here is the turning point. Referee Gonzalez pinches irregularly with a long ball on Pussetto and takes a red card that jeopardizes the chances of a comeback. Campagnolo doesn’t miss the next direct shot, and without his lead man, Azzurra deflects. Mastropascua and colleagues have two other targets (Pusetto and Logircio), while Schina’s target only makes the passive gallbladder less bitter (6-3). Before the break, there is time for a second ejection: Milli makes a reaction foul on Loguercio and Campagnolo converts the next direct shot. The next 25 minutes offer a bit of emotion until the final question and answer from Ferrari and Campagnolo sanctioning the 8-4 final that ends the Azura season.

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