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The Problem of the Nine: “Netanyahu is exploiting the post-October 7 shock to justify mass bombings, but he falls into Hamas’ trap.”

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“Bombs on ambulances? We also did that in Iraq. Here it is not about morality rules, here we can see that.” The villainy of both Hamas and Israel“. like Marco Travaglio l’Agreements and disagreements‘, the political talk show that aired on November Channel and which she hosted Luca Sumi With the participation of Andrea Scanzi, he commented on the siege of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. “Hamas sets a trap They hide in and under hospitals, and Israel bombs them, the dead civilians are seen, and Israel pays the consequences on a moral level. On the other side Netanyahu Instead of refusing to fall into this trap, acting smartly, and launching targeted raids, instead of blindly destroying everything, He falls into the trap I don’t care at all about the lives of civilians and children, specifically They exploited the shock of the October 7 massacreThis still ensures consensus, not for him when he is at his lowest levels ever, but for the military operation itself. They are doing something that is not only criminal, but… Even harmful For themselves because Wave of anti-Semitism “It was not caused by the terrorist attack that occurred on October 7, but on the contrary, what happened brought together part of the world around Israel: it was Netanyahu who managed to turn the situation around by unleashing this wave of anti-Semitism.”

“Agreements and disagreements” It is produced by Loft production for Discovery Italia and will be available in streaming and later on demand on the new streaming service Discover+ As well as on the website, application and smart TV of TVLoft. Nove can be seen on digital terrestrial channel 9, on Sky channel 149 and Tivùsat channel 9.

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