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New National Journal – Whitehall, science is going up the hill

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“The meaning of life, according to the Sioux elder, is to treat with song all the things we encounter.”

The quote is from Carlo Rovelli, in White Holes (Adelphi), an unmissable book where you can read the fragrant air of a Japanese garden.

Carlo Rovelli, scientist, quantum physicist and, in my opinion, above all a teacher of life.

Just as Dante looks with love into the eyes of Beatrice (Beatrice’s light of the brotherhood of love), Carlo Rovelli, like the old novices of the mysteries, tells us that “the same is true of the world. The study of space, time, black and white holes is one of our ways of communicating with reality, which it is not.” He: It is “you,” as lyric poets do when they speak to the moon Jungle BookAll the animals exchange a cry of mutual recognition: “We are of the same blood, you and I.” [i]

I read Rovelli’s book at the same time as Paolo Ravone’s essays ( and by Roberto Piccioli (

And I found in the scientific lyrics of a quantum physicist the key to why the silicon world will never beat the coal world.

I compare silicon and carbon because they seem to me to be the primary references for the ongoing struggle.

Decarbonization is, cryptically, in code, the declaration of dehumanization in favor of a transhumanism in which silicon, the symbol of robotics and artificial intelligence, prevails over the carbon-based human.

Sometimes decoding dome messages helps paranoid billionaires who want to rule the world and possibly the universe (better: universes) understand what is hidden behind green environmental strategies. Symbols are an important language to know and practice.

Man without carbon and silicate is a commodity for the market dominated by financial communism, i.e. for the new feudalism where the financial dome of the megalomaniacs with money.

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But let’s go back to Carlo Rovelli and the scent of cherry blossoms.

In his book Rovelli explains to us what white holes and black holes are, and talks to us about time, space, gravity, but for someone like me who understands little or nothing about physics, above all he talks to us as a physics teacher. A life that makes us understand how science has nothing to do with technology.

Rovelli writes: “How do you behave when there are not enough teachers? It is more beautiful to navigate without the stars, but how to learn something new that we do not yet know? To learn something new you can, for example, go and see. Go uphill. That is why young people leave and travel.

Can a silicon robot or metahuman run up a hill?

Then Rovelli (title and destiny, ad wit) tells us that someone has gone to see us and told us and that there are tools to see more.

If we can’t travel with the body, Rovelli says, we can travel with the mind. Imagine changing perspective, to see things differently. […]. Seeing with the mind. […]. But how do you “see” with your mind’s eye? […]. I believe – the quantum world tells us – that the answer is a relentless search for a delicate balance. Balance between what to take with us and what to leave at home.”

We bring with us the laws we know, the rules that work, but we leave some certainty at home. How is balance achieved? Try and try again.

Technology promotes facts, does not change perspective, and rises to ideology and dogma. The science is questionable. She is walking up the hill to venture into the unknown.

What does a silicon brain algorithmically programmed in the unknown do when it was created for the known?

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Let’s go with Rovelli up the hill.

Rovelli writes that the West has been able to use the creativity of analogical thought effectively, to construct new concepts for each generation, to the point of bequeathing to today’s world civilization the splendor of scientific thought. But the East is the first to clearly realize that thought grows by analogy, not by analogy. The logic of dialectic based on comparisons has already been analyzed by the wet school, and implied in one of the greatest books of mankind, that extraordinary text which is Zhuang-zi. Scientific thinking makes good use of logical and mathematical rigor, but this is only one of two legs that have led it to success: the other is creativity freed from the constant evolution of its conceptual structure, and this one that thrives on comparisons and synthesis.

Zhuāngzǐ, Chuang-tzu (369-286 BC) was a Chinese philosopher and mystic whose Autumn Water was presented by Mario Novarro: . Laozè closed it in the famous Taotechìng which, despite its obscurity and the ravages of time, is clear and well understood; They are little more than five thousand words (charaf), from twenty to thirty pages, partly in rhymed verse; There is no parable in it, no story: it is a thought pure, deep as heaven, pervaded by a contained fervour tested and articulated in a long dark life: a way of life for one who settles into the realm of reality with clear eyes open and passes it to the depths where the man who reaches it is pleased. The cornerstone of this spiritual realm is Tao, which originally means way (and Ciuangzè says way that Tao is a metaphor), meaning, to be clear, motto, motto of Heraclitus, the one, God, one of Parmenides, the god of Bruno, the god of Goethe; and the doctrine of God.”

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Here is one of the stories that Zhuang zi (The Magic Pearl Lost and Found) gives us: “The Emperor of the Yellow Land, wandering north of Acquarossa, climbed Mount Cuenln and looked towards the south. On the way back he lost his magic pearl (the Tao that did not give him science, but a free gift) He sent Knowledge to look for it, but did not find it. He sent Chiarosguardo to look for it, but did not find it. So he sent Senzamèta and found it. “It is really strange,” said the Emperor, “that Senzamèta himself managed to find it!”

Pointless. Wandering in the sea of ​​the unknown without certainty is science.

How an algorithm bot can walk around like SynzaMeta. How can an algorithm fall in love with search, and dive into a white hole it has never seen before, and may even not exist? How can an algorithm, says sage Sioux, process all the things we encounter with a song?

The power of symbols gives us decarbonization as a dehumanizing ideology.

In other words, a small billionaire elite, surrounded by a court of servants, who want to decarbonize our carbon and turn us into silicates in order to have an army of humanoid robots to use and dispose of at will.

What is the relationship between science and technology that we have seen with the army of bastards who fill us with long stories about viruses and vaccines, always with reference to science, when there was nothing scientific, because science is what Carlo Rovelli tells us in his wonderful book, led us to appreciate going over the hill, Diving into a white hole probably does not exist.

[i] Carlo Rovelli, Pucci Bianchi, Adelphi

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