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This monster is in the water

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Discover new species of fish at the bottom of the sea. Technology passion

Among the new species of animals discovered this year, experts found this monstrous specimen on the sea floor.

Every year, scientists around the world manage to catalog and study it New species of animals and plants. These are not always specimens never seen before, on the contrary, in most cases they are already known species whose new and singular characteristics can be identified.

Again this year, scientists discovered thousands of new species, against the thousands that disappeared at the same time. Scientists calculate that the impact of man is devastating to the ecosystem, calculating that the direct or indirect action of man has accelerated the natural extinction rate of animals and plants by about a thousand times.

For this reason, some studies are being carried out that could allow us, at least, to do so Extend the existence of many species on our planet. As it happens, for example, with the white rhinoceros, of which only two specimens remain on the ground, both females. across the Assisted fertilizationScientists will attempt to make species, now doomed to extinction, survive.

According to some, in vitro fertilization could give life back to even species that have long been extinct, but the scientific community questions the moral value of such a procedure that would force an ecosystem already into a precarious state of equilibrium. Meanwhile, new species of animals and plants continue to be searched for and cataloged.

New species of ‘devil’ fish

Many species have been discovered discovered at the bottom of the sea, such as the legendary white carp found in India, the size of which gave rise to many legends among the local population. The other major marine discovery comes from the waters off St. Helena by a team of British explorers.

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New species photographed at the bottom of the sea. Technological passion

James McLean, curator of the fish collection at London’s Natural History Museum, said after seeing what it could be New species related to the family Himantolophidae. The photo of the animal was posted to Twitter by McClain himself

The young specimen seen is black the size of a golf ball, at first glance it appears to be a particular monkfish. From a stalk above the head emerges a rather elaborate decoy typical of the Himantolophidae, an organ resembling a small cluster of flowers. They belong to this family and have bony tubercles and spines similar to those of puffer fish and have long, sharp teeth. Now, researchers will try to find out if it really is a unique species.

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