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Inter, great position. But the penalties in Florence have nothing to do with football

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The first 20 minutes of Inter were such a great team. But my comment on the match in Florence I would like to start with two penalties, even if nothing surprises me now. Demarco slips after Bonaventura had already shot, so the decision to award the penalty was not really there. But even the penalty kick for Inter was not there. These are Farr’s penalties, which have nothing to do with playing real football: but I’ve said it a thousand times, these are the rules of the day and we have to live with them. The game cannot be called too many bugs. Fiorentina plays man against man but cannot stand it against the big teams: very weak in defense and in midfield, Inter can score 8 goals. Perhaps Inzaghi was afraid to win, he put a lot of defense and Inter stopped playing: but if in the recovery in addition to the goal the Nerazzurri created two chances in addition to the goal he scored, then this means that the team has enormous potential and must believe more in its capabilities. Just think about entering Dzeko, Goossens, Dumfries… I repeat, this team will not give up until the end of the fight for the championship.

Milan found the perfect team at Monza. Brianza’s team have done good things, but they have revived the premise of the start of the season. If Brahim Diaz goes 50 meters undisturbed and scores, then something is wrong: I’d rather say assuming than not being able. Also because Palladino has a good squad that doesn’t just have to play with chips. Monza must keep an eye on Pioli’s team: they are all behind the ball line in a moment of difficulty. Without shame, as a great person can do.

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