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Thor: Love and Thunder, Legal Problem for Game of Thrones star Lena Headey: But why?

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Looks like a cut scene Thor: Love and Thunder And other recent roles ofGame of Thrones actress Lena Headey It caused her legal problems with the agency she represented until recently.

number, Lina Headey He won’t be in the final version of Thor: Love and Thunder like many of the other actors who were cut from the movie for editing needs (also Peter Dinklage and Jeff Goldlum filmed scenes for Thor 4 But they won’t show up), but it seems that this is only one of the projects that are part of Litigation that would see Cersei’s translator in Game of Thrones against his former agency.

L ‘british troika agencyKnown as YMU since 2020, the actress sued the actress claiming that she did not receive adequate compensation on more than one occasion.

In particular, according to the documents submitted, They will owe at least $500,000 for Thor: Love and Thunder (7% of its fee); $300,000 for 9 Bullets, 2009 movie with Sam Worthington; and $650,000 for the Showtime TV series Rita (only the pilot was filmed and it doesn’t look like there will be more).

According to the agency, Even if Headey has already broken up with him since 2020, there are still commissions to be paidCompensation for breach of contract, interest, and payment of legal fees.

However, Headey claims that he has not signed any contracts with Troika or Michael Duff (His former agent, who followed when Duff, under a previous contract with Le Carl Associates, decided to establish the Troika) and that both parties had a verbal and non-written agreement since Duff was still at Le Carl Associates. The actress also claims that she was never exclusively represented by the troikasince in the United States it is also represented by AAC.

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especially, As for Heady Troika, she will not be entitled to any commission on Thor: Love and Thunder, as the role was agreed directly between her and director Taika Waititi., and the same goes for 9 bullets, because the Troika and Duff did not deal with the negotiations. Finally, as for Rita, Headey claims that he received only $325,000 for the pilot, of which Troika has already received $22,750, and that there were no more episodes planned.

We’ll see how the story unfolds, but in the meantime we remind you of that Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters July 6 (without Lena Headey scene).

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