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More cases after a party at the Berlin Club Bergen +++ The number of corona tests dropped

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The British Medical Association (BMA) has expressed its displeasure at the government’s refusal in London to reintroduce personal corona rules. BMA President Sant Nagpal said in a statement on Thursday that the government’s deliberate negligence in Westminster, which did not take any action to control the epidemic, forced the wearing of masks and your distance and ventilation in more remote environments, especially limited indoor spaces.

The government has promised to take up Plan B if the National Health Service is at high risk. “As first-line doctors, we can say for sure that this point has now been reached,” Nagpal continued.

Most recently, nearly 50,000 new infections are reported daily in the United Kingdom. The number of daily hospital admissions is nearly 1,000. The death toll on Tuesday, with 223 cases reported, was last seen in March.

Nevertheless, British Health Minister Sajid Javed rejected a re-introduction of corona operations in the UK at a press conference on Wednesday. At the same time, he warned that the number of new infections each day would soon rise to 100,000. Nevertheless, it is still too early to justify the return of the corona rules that were repealed on July 19 to be called “Independence Day” in most parts of the UK, Javid continues.

The number of daily hospital admissions for covid patients in the UK is currently close to 1000. (Archive)

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