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“We are just starting to expand.”

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Let’s get ready to go back HogwartsBecause it seems Warner Bros. Is he really going to give us another date in Platform 9 and three quarters. This is what emerges from some of the new statements from the flagship leaders regarding the franchise Harry Potter.

The news is not new: in November the new CEO David Zaslav He has already announced his intention to focus aggressively on certain franchises that have been gathering dust on the shelves for a very long time. The first result of his announcement, a few days earlier, was a production confirmation new movies on the Lord of the Ringshas been absent from the big screen since 2003 following the end of the trilogy Peter Jackson.

As for Harry Potter sagaOn the one hand, “only” twelve years have passed since the release in theaters of de Deathly Hallows Part 2, an epic finale to the adventures of the world’s most famous wizard. This was followed by three spin-off films related to Fantastic Beasts, a franchise cursed by production problems and a general poor response from audiences. Things are now about to change and that’s thanks to the latest news from wizarding world.

The CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Warner Bros. discovery, Gunnar WeidenfelsDuring a panel discussion at the Morgan Stanley Investors Conference. In addition to the narrative universes of DC Comics, now entrusted to Eddie James Gunn And Peter Safranthe main intention is to re-launch those created by JK Rowling:

Take Harry Potter, for example. wizarding world: The fact that we are seeing a very successful Hogwarts Legacy movie release, 12 years after the last movie was released, shows us that there are many opportunities and We are just starting to expand. We have a Harry Potter tour coming to Tokyo in the middle of the year.

If The Lord of the Rings story has taught us anything, it’s that Warner doesn’t like to sit idly by: New Harry Potter movies? Could this be a reboot? From a different continuation of the epic? What is certain, for now, is that we’re not done exploring the Wizarding World yet.

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