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Israel: “Restored control of the border with Gaza.” Hamas: “We are surprised by the success of the operation.” Bin Salman: We stand with the Palestinians

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Ben Gvir orders the purchase of 10,000 weapons to be delivered to civilians

Following the shortcomings that emerged on Saturday in the defense of Israeli towns and villages on the Gaza border, National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir ordered the immediate purchase of 10,000 firearms for delivery to civilians. The minister announced that 4,000 assault rifles would be distributed immediately to members of the so-called “alert teams” made up of volunteers with military experience who are active in all small areas of Israel. Their mission is to respond immediately in the event of attacks while waiting for police or army forces to take necessary action. In his statement, Ben Gvir also pointed to the need to organize defenses in case of having to confront violence from Israel’s Arab minority, such as that which occurred for a few days in May 2021 in some cities with mixed Arab and Jewish populations.

World Health Organization: “Opening a humanitarian corridor inside and outside Gaza”

The World Health Organization called for the opening of a humanitarian corridor inside and outside the Gaza Strip, which Israel imposes a comprehensive siege on.
“The World Health Organization calls for an end to the violence. A humanitarian corridor is needed to reach people with essential medical supplies,” WHO spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said at a press conference in Geneva.

New sirens in southern Israel

After many hours of silence, sirens indicating the arrival of rockets began to sound again in southern Israel and in towns near the Gaza Strip. This is what the military spokesman announced.

Rafah crossing is closed

The Israel Defense Forces retracted its advice to Palestinians to leave Gaza through the Egyptian-controlled Rafah crossing. The crossing was effectively closed, according to what was reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). “The Rafah crossing is still open. I advise anyone who can do this to get out,” Colonel Richard Hecht said earlier.

Israel advises the Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army warned the Palestinians against leaving Gaza for Egypt. The military spokesman said, “The Rafah crossing is still open,” adding, “Everyone can leave. I advise them to leave.”

The coalition meets today to form a national unity government

The leaders of the Israeli coalition are scheduled to meet today to decide whether to form a unity government or not. Representatives of the coalition parties will meet in Tel Aviv, although Netanyahu and National Unity leader Benny Gantz have not yet met.

An Israeli officer was killed on the border with Lebanon

The Israeli army reported that gunmen infiltrated from Lebanon into Israeli territory and that “a number of armed suspects” were killed. An Israeli army officer was killed after a clash with gunmen. The Israel Defense Forces expanded its presence along the border with Lebanon, sending thousands of additional troops. This was announced by Israeli army spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus. The situation on the border with Lebanon is unstable. We are vigilant. “We have added tens of thousands of additional troops along the border – both reservists and regular units – in anticipation of a Hezbollah attack.”

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The Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations: “150 citizens were held hostage”

In the Gaza Strip, “between 100 and 150 Israelis” are being held hostage. This was stated by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, in an interview with CNN. He explained, “We do not know the exact number, but it is unprecedented. It includes American citizens.”

Israel: “Full control of the border with Gaza has been restored”

The Israeli army regained full control of the border with the Gaza Strip after the attack launched by Hamas on Saturday morning. This was announced by Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari, who said: “In the last day, no terrorist entered through the checkpoint,” which had been blown up three days earlier at different points by militiamen.

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