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Roadblocks, check your gasoline: if you have this, there is a fine of 7,500 euros | Be very careful

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Production fee cuts are confirmed through December 31st, but the situation on gasoline prices remains critical. Be careful not to risk very heavy fines for trying to save in “expensive” ways.

All confirmed for a small, but significant discount, enshrined in the Aid Quater Decree: approx 30 cents per liter Less petrol and diesel and about 10 cents less for LPG Until December 31, 2022. methane gasin addition to5% VAT and rate excise tax in zeOmani Rial. This is a springboard for action by the new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, who has reaffirmed the desire to maintain and strengthen national measures to support families and businesses, both in terms of bills and fuel.


Despite the discount until the end of the year Gasoline and diesel prices are still very high, Today it is considered almost a “luxury” that not everyone can afford. Many are forced, for example, to calculate between salary and various expenses for optimal use of the car. The price of 2 euros per liter, a little more or less, is something that has not happened before in the past and destabilizes most Italians. This year, however, we went even further, reaching a price of 2.45 euros, which is really unacceptable. Someone, therefore, has already thought of Save with count on Risky and totally bizarre tactics. In fact, it is blatantly spoiled and should not be imitated in any way.

Seed oil as fuel is no joke: it is a crime

For their part, the police respond to the sounds of checks and are ready to track down the deceptive petrol. Yes, because some motorists have reached a setting point Seed or rapeseed oil As fuel: this is strictly forbidden, which is why in the case of positive evaluation in this sense, severe penalties are envisaged. Art violates. 40 of Legislative Decree 504 of 1996, or the article relating to sEstimate deduction or payment of production tax on energy products, It means being in prison for six months to three years and being able to get one Fine Double at least ten times the tax evasion 7500 euros.

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Rapeseed oil in the tank, you risk very heavy fines
Rapeseed oil in the tank, you risk very heavy fines

Therefore, putting a different type of oil in the engine is not only dangerous for the car to run well, but also very dangerous. Forbidden By legislative decree. Moreover, these oils emit a strong smell, which is easily recognized during the control phase: to detect it is quite simple, in which case the game is not worth it.

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