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“Boys Club” by Matt Furey (Iris Edisoni) – White Space

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Iris editionAnnounce publication boy club From Matt immediate, a cult comic that finally arrived in Italy for the first time. After the 2016 version I posted fantagraphicsIt was right to publish it and fill the void to continue the exploration that Iris has been doing in recent years in the North American independent comic. The book, after it was first shown in Lucca Comics and Games 2022, distributed since November 7.

Matt Furie showcases the crazy days of Andy, Brett, Landwolf, and Pepe the Frog, between nonsense, dark humor, and just the right amount of hallucinations. A comedy film born in the mid-2000s, depicting the most fancy and fun spirit in unforgettable feelings, an everyday life made up of jokes, jokes, smoke from joints and surreal situations.
The clean, basic graphic tag immediately puts us in the mood of shawl and suspended time that is the hallmark of this fine comedy: no plot, no subtext, no enlightening story, just a bunch of crazy, often very inconspicuous, friends with pages in which their bodies transform into cats or giant snakes, or characters dancing naked in the living room under a strobe light.

Many people without knowing it visually know one of the heroes of this comic: Pepper – frog, which became a meme first on MySpace and then on the photo-sharing site 4chan, where it was modified and reused thousands of times, until it was stolen by the American alt-right to spread racist and xenophobic messages forcing its creator to reach out to a long and legal public campaign to “liberate” Pepe from This kind of political and possessive use and preventing the American alt-right from using it again. Now, finally, the Italian audience will be able to really get to know Pepe, catch up on gags with his friends in his real home and discover the amazing talent of Matt Furie.

“Boy’s Club simultaneously satirizes and celebrates the lifestyle of a group of friends in their twenties, showing with macabre and hilarious precision their lives of junk food and crazy jokes mixed with a riot of bodily excretions.” Vice


boy club
by Matt Fury
176 pages – 15 x 20 cm
4 Pantone Colors – Paperback
17.00 euros
ISBN 9791280495440 – Issued 7 November 2022
Illustrated Kenna Necklace
In distribution as of November 2022

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Matt immediate

Matt Fury was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1979 and graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2001. Recipient of Best Visual Artist award at the 20th San Francisco Bay Goldie Goldie Awards, his work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. In 2005, he created the character “Pepe the Frog”, the protagonist of the independent comedy series Boy’s Club. In the documentary Feels Good Man (2020), awarded at the Sundace Film Festival, Furie tells how Pepe the Frog was chosen by the alt-right and his struggle to regain control of his character’s image. Furie is also an expert painter. In addition to the comics, he has published a children’s book, The Night Riders. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter, and has Sicilian ancestry.

Kenna necklace

The Kina Series is a research pathway into the world of comics that aims to bring to life comics with a strong authorial imprint, created with meticulous and emotional editorial care. The project includes the works of foreign, Italian and novice authors.

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