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Science reveals a surefire way to expose liars

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There are two categories of people we should always keep at a safe distance: Who is lying to not take responsibility? And the Who does this to deceive others.

But the truth is that, despite our best efforts and all attention to the cause, in life we ​​will always meet a lie. People who don’t make us feel safe, who act subtly behind our backs with various lies and justifications.

Of course, to recognize and avoid them we can rely on an instinct that rarely fails, but the truth is that when there are feelings in between it is easier. Fall into the network of the most skilled scammers. Fortunately, there is a way to learn to stand up for ourselves and find the most far-sighted lies, and science has uncovered them.

Exposing Lies: What Science Says

If our intuition fails to be very smart in the face of lies and if the eyes of others have learned to lie well, that does not mean that we have to give up our own battle of truth, especially when it comes to relationships and feelings.

It is science, again, that reveals that Recognizing lies is possible. How? state Under pressure liar in service.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, Florida and the United States of America, and published in the journal International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Analysisit turns out that there is a foolproof method for To make liars fall into their traps. It simply asks them to do specific actions, preferably with a high concentration, while they tell their best lies.

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According to experts, in fact, When a person lies He needs a great deal of focus to keep his story consistent. If this concentration is halved due to other parallel activity, a lie may lie. In short, to reveal a lie, it is enough to make our interlocutor think about something else.

How to identify a liar

According to the study published inInternational Journal of Psychology and Behavioral AnalysisTherefore, liars can easily deceive the people in front of them only if they pay special attention to what they say, and to do this they need to Be very focused. The moment they are distracted, the brain can no longer handle the lies.

Not that they suddenly start telling the truth, mind you, but focus on something else they are more likely to do Don’t keep their copy And change it if you are bombarded with questions.

Experts discovered this reaction by analyzing the behavior of a sample of people who showed that during highly focused activities they stopped telling perfectly convincing lies.

Therefore, to unmask the liar, to recognize the lie, it is enough for the offending person to do something difficult only when he deceives us. Experts recommend doing this during important activities, those that require a lot of focus, such as Driving on unfamiliar roads. But perhaps, in some cases, even a game-play that requires a lot of tasks to complete may be enough.

The study says the method works, but it’s not foolproof. Unfortunately, some people have developed such a skill in telling lies that they have managed to get past it even in these situations.

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