Home Economy Volkswagen ultimatum, the car market has been turbulent: cost is happening

Volkswagen ultimatum, the car market has been turbulent: cost is happening

Volkswagen ultimatum, the car market has been turbulent: cost is happening

Volkswagen has always been a company simply exceptional, but now it seems to have ended in a panic.

There are few companies in the world that can boast of Volkswagen’s history, logo, culture and ideas. A leading car brand, a German company that has made some cars like the legendary Polo or Golf. In short, there is a lot to talk about when we refer to the manufacturer in question, which over the decades has made itself almost incomparable.

Volkswagen (fuoristrada.it – ​​Pixabay Photo by Simone via Pixabay)

Then, of course, I didn’t miss the dark moments either. Above all, linked to Dieselgate, which was certainly very bad in terms of economy and Volskwagen’s image.

However, with innovation, technology and a lot of guts, it quickly got back on its feet trying – not at all in vain – to be a hyper-champion in today’s car market. And speaking of Volkswagen, it’s recently been back in the spotlight. here because.

Volkswagen, what’s going on: details

Volkswagen Keep talking about yourself. This time because Euro 7 legislation, which continues to stir up opposition at will. In fact, most car manufacturers are not convinced, including the German brand as well. last brand In fact, he asked to extend the much-criticized Euro 7 period; A way to defer application from July 1, 2025 to fall 2026. The stated aim will be for all vehicles to be marketed in Europe in 2027 as well as to comply with EU registered standards. Volkswagen has also called for the legislation to come into force by mid-2024.

Volkswagen (fuoristrada.it – ​​Pixabay photography Renee Hess from pixabay)

A ploy to get two years’ notice and thus adapt more easily to new regulatory standards. For any reason? Well, speeding up times may lead to production hiatus for many models. Stopping this would lead to a market crash in the old continent, at least in Volskwagen’s eyes. Euro 7 also concerns electric vehicles, bearing in mind that the environmental impact caused by the braking system and tire wear will also be taken into account.

Volskwagen’s request, in a broad sense, is this: the Euro 7-related directives must be postponed. The measures requested by the European Commission and the timing do not seem to match the pace of the auto industry. Also, the risk to the market is that associated with the potential increase in the price of cars equipped with heat engines. Which may result in cutting off the legs of gasoline-powered vehicles. It’s not an easy situation. We’ll see what decisions will be made over the next few years.


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