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“I was going to sell my mom to get the crack”

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Tom Hardy is one of the most famous actors In recent years, his numerous roles in successful films and TV series have proven that but on a large scale but unfortunately, his life did not always turn in the right direction, as evidenced by Youth made up of abuse and drug abuse.

The actor in the course of his various interviews did not He did not deny his difficult past On the contrary, he has told his story many times to invite people who have a hard time always looking to help someone out of any form of addiction.

Although he was brought up in a wealthy family, Tom Hardy started sniffing glue at the age of elevenhallucinogens at age 13, broken at 16, in this regard said: “I was a bad boy, I was going to sell my mom to do the crack. I didn’t want anyone to know I was out of control, but I couldn’t hide it. In the end, the body gave up. I was completely helpless. I was lucky I didn’t have hepatitis or AIDS” .

Only after waking up in tatters amidst vomiting, blood, and various drugs, and after finding himself vomiting on the streets of Soho in 2003, h.Ardi finally decided to go ahead and ask for the help he needed: “In death, I’m reborn. The only thing that saved me in that dark time was acting. Sometimes it’s like drinking the next beer, I’m going to do the next movie and the next movie, and again…if I stop working, it can all be over.” For me “.

Tom Hardy is currently one of the most popular actors It may be precisely these complex existential events that allowed him to become the exceptional translator that he is today. What do you think that?

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