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Rewards arrive on pellets and heat pump, and families enjoy the joy of saving

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The sting on gas is really difficult and therefore families should try in every way to think of a cheaper form of heating.

As we know today families They’re turning to pellet stoves and heat pump air conditioners.


these systems heating It really allows you to save a lot In fact, it has increased your gas bill by 60%.

Avoid severe stinging on gas

It was not only Putin’s gas shutdown that caused the cost of gas to rise, but also the maneuvering of speculators.


In fact, financial speculators buy derivatives related to gas and energy raw materials By means of these derivative instruments they were able to earn exactly from the price increase. However, the reversal is that the bill for Italians always becomes higher and families can no longer pay for it. With the gas bill increasing by 60%, many Italian families are no longer able to pay their bills. But precisely on this front Bonuses come with pellets and a heat pump.

You have cheap heating methods today thanks to the rewards

These heating methods are much cheaper It allows families to avoid gas. By avoiding gas, families can save a lot. In particular, it should be emphasized how the heat pump It is in itself not particularly economical because it uses energy rather than gas. M.The real savings lie in locating the heating in the areas of the house that need it, not heating the entire house.

Cumulative rewards for greater savings

This is the exact savings ploy, But today there are also bonuses to pellet stoves and heat pump air conditioners. In fact, both household bonuses and some special local bonuses (Lombardy suggested a very interesting bonus) can greatly reduce the cost of these two tools. Thus, its use becomes more beneficial for families. But we must not forget how inflation has now reached 12%, so even if bonuses are applied, life remains expensive and expensive and social tension increases.

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