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Losses in November and the next few months

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The bank account is now subject to numerous losses. Let’s get acquainted with those recorded in November and what are the prospects for the future

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the Bank account It’s a very valuable tool for today’s residents, but sometimes you make a deposit yourself Money can play tricks. Of course, they have nothing to do with it Banks And in this case not even tricks.

The sworn enemy of account holders isinflation who – which In November 2021, it rose to 3.7% year-on-year, its highest level ever since 2012. Numbers that would not have worried so much one day. But the scenario is different now. The repercussions are very dire.

The bank account: the heavy losses recorded by citizens in November 2021

Inflation actually occurs at zero rate. Translated, it means that The bank account is not growing because the interest is zero. At the same time, the loss of purchasing power continues unabated.

Going into the details of the topic, In November 2020, we had 1,711 billion euros in our bank account. Funds that increased over 100 billion to 1.814 billion in the last month. But on an annual basis, the money deposited last year lost 63.3 billion euros in purchasing power, against the accrued interest of a few billion.

As a result, Libra is very negative. At best – 60 billion euros. Practically speaking, it is as if every Italian citizen squanders 1,000 euros every year. On the other hand, the effects of inflation are exactly this. It is never seen right away, it almost always has medium and long term effects. In fact, it is equivalent to the maximum tax.

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A rather complicated situation already that some voices have been betting on for some time could have strong repercussions on family budgets. This is the case for electricity, which reached 30.7% in November.

If one family With low average consumption on which they focus alimony, bills, house, clothes And some other additional expenses are likely to She suffers from undoubtedly high inflation.

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This trend should stop in the middle of 2022. However, we will have to live with the low rise in interest rates. In light of this scenario, the banks are unlikely to decide to raise it.

However, it may happen that some families decide in time to transfer their savings to stocks and bonds. At this point, banks to retain customers will find themselves forced to increase interest Deposit accounts.

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