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Italo is looking for employees | Here’s how to apply

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Italo takes on different personas – AnsaFoto

Ward recruiting with Italo. The company specializing in rail transportation announces a plan to extend the service staff in Rome. riceFind privacy officials, tax professionals, and controllers. Here are all the details.

the name of the Italian Closely associated with high-speed trains and in the collective imagination is also the idea of ​​comfort and luxury while traveling. The company’s trains are equipped with technological services and the company is very committed to maintaining the high standards that customers value.

Italo takes on different personalities
Italo takes on different personas – AnsaFoto

In that spirit Italian Looking for employees to be included in different regions. The positions referred to relate to both the operational and administrative sectors. To find out more, it is also possible to access the company portal and click on the section Job Offers.

Italo hires employees: various positions

Recently Italian A major recruitment process for staff as hosts and hostesses has concluded. Now, however, the company is aiming at employees, with special reference to the Rome office. Among the required profiles is me Tax professionals. These will have to deal with the financial and tax management of the company. For this reason, the ideal candidate must have a degree in economics. Until now Italian Search for consoles. The controllers They will have to perform planning and control functions. Also in this case, degrees of an economic and technical nature are required: for example management engineering and statistics. The other number is that privacy officers. Employees appointed with this qualification will be involved in the organisation. In this case, the degrees that are taken into consideration are law, economics and management engineering.

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to me Fresh graduates in economics, statistics and management engineering There will be interesting opportunities. Other candidates like Junior organizational affairsIt will have to deal with sectoral regulations and legislation and will be embedded in the Legal Affairs and Compliance Department. The unit control and reporting, With a technical degree, he will perform functions in the administrative, financial, planning and control areas. Finally, theAccountant and balance sheet For the maternity replacement, I will support the team in preparing the monthly accounting closes. Also in this case we are talking about a degree in economics.

Italo takes on different personalities
Italo takes on different personas – AnsaFoto

How to apply

All those interested in applying for the above positions can refer to the company’s website Italian and submit your request electronically. Simply reply to the ad in the appropriate section, after accessing it from “Work with us.” Ads do not have expiration dates and order completion forms are regularly active.

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