September 27, 2023

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China is developing nuclear weapons and atomic bomb faster than us –

China is developing nuclear weapons and atomic bomb faster than us –
From Paolo Fushi

The alarm raised by the leaders of the armed forces of Washington

The leaders of the US armed forces issued a new warning: “The China This is a development its nuclear program Much faster than the United States. These are the words of the head of the Military Strategic Command WashingtonAnd the Charles Richard Which, according to CNN, she warned about Beijing progress in the field. Richard described the case as a “short-term problem”. The warning also comes at a time when relations are very complex with China, due to rising tensions On the Taiwan issue, but also because of China’s ambiguous role in the Ukraine issue. Moreover, on the Asian chessboard, another sore point for the United States is the nuclear issue From the North Korean nuclear arms raceIsolated from the international community but still linked to Beijing.

“As I assess the level of our deterrence against China, The ship is sinking slowly – said the admiral. They are sinking slowly, but they are sinking, because they are recruiting skills faster than we are now. No matter how good it is for us operational plan Either how good our leaders are, or how good our troops are we will not have enough. And this is a problem Short-termRichard expressed his view during a speech at the annual symposium of Naval Submarine League. The event was closed to the public, but his comments were published in a Defense Ministry article. The leader said that China is “the only competitor that has the intent and capacity to challenge increasingly United State across the board, militarily, economically, technically and diplomatically,” another expert told CNN. While according to the Nuclear Posture Review, Beijing “probably intends to have at least one 1000 warhead at the end of the contract.”

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In the same hours that Richard’s words about the launch of major international agencies wore off, he was US nuclear super submarine USS Rhode Island was spotted on Gibraltar port The sudden move, according to experts, has a valuable warning message to Russia. As reported by the American media in the sector, the operation comes two weeks after the announcement of another nuclear submarine, namelyUSS West VirginiaIt was heading to the Arabian Sea. The US Navy confirmed the news by noting that this is the first time a US ballistic submarine has visited Gibraltar since June 2021. USS Rhode Island is one of the most powerful nuclear deterrents in the US arsenal and can carry up to 20 ballistic missiles. – Capable of hitting the Trident D5 at a distance of 18 thousand kilometers. The specialized media indicated that each of these missiles can be armed with 14 nuclear warheads.

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