March 24, 2023

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Harry Potter, Alan Rickman slammed Emma Watson in his memoirs: He hated her style

In recent days, the Guardian has published some Excerpts from Alan Rickman’s Diary From these it is clear that the translator of Severus Snape did not look very kindly at the interpretation or at least the pronunciation of one of the young stars in Harry Potter.

In particular, the actor seemed very annoyed with his accent Emma Watson Which he said is similar to Albanians. He talks about a very short quarrel he had with Alfonso Cuaron on the set Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanAlan Rickman wrote:

“Alfonso really freaked me out. I love him so much for keeping it going for so long, so I walked out screaming from the set and soon after I sorted it out. He feels so pressured for this Harry Potter movie and these guys need to be like that from time to time, they don’t know their lines. And Emma’s style sometimes sounds like the pronunciation of Albani.”

Behind this small criticism of a translator Hermione Granger however, I love Rickman Harry Potter He seems to really care about the young Harry Potter stars and on Daniel Radcliffe he says: “One in the afternoon. Had lunch with Dan Radcliffe at CafĂ© Clooney. A minute ago he was 12 years old now. When did this happen? He’s a sensitive, intelligent and intelligent man. He owns a three-bedroom apartment in New York.”

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