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From Canada to Frosinone for brain surgery (while awake): “Here they saved me”

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Cristina Galgani left Toronto, where she lives and has already undergone surgery, to receive treatment in Italy. A woman who had a life-threatening glioma successfully removed is now doing well

Maybe they cut her skull open intervention Very soft the brain. But the insidious and malignant tumor mass is not completely removed. For doctors, this is very dangerous. Christina GalganiMarried with two children, then decides to leave Canada, to fly to Italy, where she lives, and the Toronto hospital where she was hospitalized. target, Frosinone. “My sister-in-law who lives in Rome – says Cristina Galgani – told me about a neurosurgeon who works at Spaziani Hospital in Frosinone, Prof. Giancarlo D’Andrea -. Today I call him my guardian angel. In two hours he completely removed and removed Glioma When I was fully awake. Now, at last, I have come back to life.”

The technique used is called Awake surgery: This is already a widespread practice and involves opening the skull to remove the tumor. The patient is alert And answers questions the neurologist asks him during surgery. “I remember everything perfectly – continues the patient – and the questions they asked me were used to understand how my brain responded and reacted. In short, a way to identify the part that needs to be removed. I know very well that Glioma, if it had not been completely removed, it would be reproduced in various and successive stages. The patient in Toronto had already undergone the first operation, but superficially and incompletely. “Now I can finally say that the odyssey is over – underlines Kalkani – and I can do it a thank you Provincial Hospital, the doctors and nurses have always been close to me, with humanity and affection that I will never forget. I went home four days after the surgery.

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“Ms. Galgani – explains D’Andrea – would have lost it within six monthsUse of the word. His life expectancy was very short. She has now recovered and is leading a completely normal life.” “We panicked,” he recalls Massimiliano Previti, the patient’s husband and a Toronto airport employee – when my wife developed a severe headache. Then, suddenly he started losing his memory and for 5-10 minutes, he didn’t recognize anyone, not even his children. An MRI scan soon gave us the sad news. After a very delicate operation, he said, “Today my wife was born again, and when she returned to Toronto she would go back to work.”

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December 28, 2022

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