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Redesign of Celle’s Mezzano gardens, space for Baby Pit and tactile and olfactory paths for children –

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A complete redevelopment to bring the Mezzano Gardens back to life after more than two years of pandemic and hydraulic adaptation works in Rio Santa Brigida that saw the historic stone wall demolished and partially reconstructed.

Yesterday, the municipal administration met in Seal with a group of mothers who offered their input on the proposals to re-launch an area that should be central to young children.

The municipality is already thinking of arranging the existing buildings by creating a new bathroom for the disabled, a space equipped for baby food and a refreshment area, giving life, with enrollment in the program established by UNICEF, to Baby Pit Stop that allows mothers to be able to breastfeed with special intimacy your.

In addition to the regenerating games (pipes, swings, slides, springs, a pampano gift designed by artist Luzzati and cooked by Chilean potter Marcello Mannuzza), the benches and dining tables will also be enhanced in green by a vertical vegetable garden where the little ones interact with their sense of smell and garden bands will be arranged .

Children will also be able to try their hand at the ‘touch’ track, sensory paintings and in the decorative wall, and there will be space for animals by creating birdhouses.

“The idea is to revitalize this garden that was born as a botanical garden, together with the needs expressed by the mothers to us, we will continue this project and have created a chat where it can be updated regarding the work in the garden” explained Mayor Katerina Mordiglia – the idea is to allocate space for Baby Pit Stop, and there will be an opportunity for children to experience touch and sensory inside. When the park is open and defined, the initiatives are sure to be continued and shared with parents.”

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Mezzano Park could reopen, according to the timing that management expected, by August. The last part of the wall separating the area with Aurelia will soon be completed.

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