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WhatsApp: From today you can chat without the Internet

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For several years, it was Interpersonal communication It has undergone significant developments Simple and quick to practice, available to everyone and, above all, free of charge. The elderly will certainly remember that, until a few years ago, communication with friends and relatives required spending money without reaching an appropriate quality of communication.

With the advent of the Internet and its widespread distribution as well portable devicesthe situation drastically changedCommunication is easy and free. They thought to make a big shock in this sense Social media. Services like Facebook or earlier MSN, For many, they represented essential services for reuniting, even if virtually, with friends and relatives who had lost track of them.

And how not to talk about it The WhatsApp. In fact, the popular instant messaging service quickly changed the concept of communication Replacing expensive SMS and MMS. WhatsApp is a file Completely free service This makes it possible to easily communicate with friends and acquaintances and organize work with groups of people.

The latest updates have made it a useful tool for many different needs.

What is the use of WhatsApp

What is it for?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging services in the world. Founded in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees and acquired in 2014 since then Meta Business Group (a group of Mark ZuckerbergFounder Facebook)It has millions of unique users and continues to grow.

The WhatsApp team takes great care of your emailsthe needs of his community of users and has, over time, introduced often requested features that have made WhatsApp a very complete service and no longer just a Free alternative for SMS.

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The unexpected onset of the epidemic has brought a great shock to the needs of many Corona Virus which resulted in everyone being forced into the house, creating the need to communicate by means that until then had remained restricted to specific areas. Just think about video calls.

Then WhatsApp took a chanceimplementation and improvement of services audio and video calls, Increased audio and video quality and increased number of participants in a single call or video call with a recent update.Up to 32 participants at the same time.

WhatsApp also allows you to send and receive Pictures and videos And with one of the latest updates, it allows you to send and receive photos as well very high quality, Thus it has become a very useful tool even in work environments where high quality images are needed.

Using WhatsApp without the Internet

WhatsApp icon on a smartphone

A feature many may not have expected to see, upgraded concerns Using the application in the absence of the Internet completely. Instead, the WhatsApp team has made it possible and below we will explain how you can take advantage of this very useful function.

the solution The lack of the Internet has a name ed He is an agent: proxy system It is, nothing but a server running as a file mediator between the device and the location the user wants to go to. It was previously known as a system in relation to Normal surfing on the Internet Through a smartphone or computer and thus will be used to Connect the user’s smartphone to WhatsApp.

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In this way, the file No internet connection And continue to communicate calmly, Without unpleasant hitches. To try this feature you will not have to wait long: it seems that it is already with the next update of the application The WhatsAppthe function will be there, for both systems iOS What are the systems android.

And most importantly, order proxies It will not give any privacy issues: The system will always remain active End-to-end encryptionThis is to make the exchange of messages secure and visible only to the users who communicate, with no one spying on your conversations.

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