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Space: The Orion Science Experiment: Launch from the Kennedy Center in Florida begins on Wednesday, the 17th

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Next Wednesday, January 17, at 11:11 p.m., the “Orion” scientific experiment on the International Space Station, which is included in MiniLab 1.0 designed by Ali SpA, will launch.
Experience comes into play AX-3 mission Which he conducteditalian astronaut, Colonel in the Air Force Walter Velade. This is the first commercial space mission with an entirely European crew.
Will be launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida With a Falcon 9 rocket.
During his 15-day mission on the ISS, Velade will conduct a series of scientific experiments promoted by the Ministry of Defense and the Italian Space Agency (ASI).
The date of January 17 is confirmed unless NASA determines otherwise for meteorological reasons. NASA itself predicted two other possible launch windows on January 18 and 20.
On this occasion, an event was organized starting at 8.30 pm at the Ali SpA headquarters in the Polo Tecnologico Fabbrica dell'Innovazione via E Gianturco 31, With interventions by authorities and representatives of the scientific, industrial and financial world of the space sector. But also communications with scientists from the launch base.
The event on January 17 will also be an opportunity to visit Ali Labs space workshops, Explaining space programs Space Factory Group / Ali Spa With the upcoming launches plan.

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