October 4, 2023

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Klagenfurt II won 4-2 – AO Sport

Klagenfurt II won 4-2 – AO Sport

after two overtime losses Ritten finds his smile again. The Italian team participating in the Alpine League ice hockey tournament In fact, he won the match against Klagenfurt IIsetting it up at home with a score of 4-2.

The match started uphill for Renon, which closed the first trailing due to Whiting’s goal at 7:11, thanks to the contribution of Pearson and Tavzelij. But This would be the second rebound to point the game clear on Buam’s sidevery well at getting back into the challenge first by sealing a 1-1 with Fink (4:14) and then extending the pass with Ohler (6:36) and with Spinell (13:15).

The Austrians are in the final chapter They become very dangerous againand take advantage of the case Power play Which puts a goal from Silvnik back to -1. However, Renon held his own and held his ground, then found the 4-2 goal that Spinel scored in the closing stages with an empty net (19:33).

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Thanks to today’s result, Buam moved into sixth in the Classic with 29 points, four lengths behind Cortina, and fifth with 33. The next Alpine League match will be on November 24.

Photo: Max Battis

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