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New threat to missing persons 2.0

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There are many aspects we can eagerly learn from the story of Canadian truck drivers who have been fighting for weeks against the technosonatory Leviathan, the treatment system, and the global conspiracy to change our way of life in the world. Materials and people.
As we have already highlighted in another context, protests Canada They say power will stop only when it faces opposition from civil society. The story of Canada, which is also a wonderful document, also teaches us that we must fully assert our rights and freedoms because they are not available even in the presence of a virus. In fact, it can be assumed that in many cases, including health emergencies, power is used to execute emergencies, precisely to justify the unjust and unjust dictatorial restructuring of the mode of production and the system of managing the lives of the people.

In Canada, moreover, this is also an issue we have to live with, and the authorities have openly acknowledged the possibility of freezing the insurgents’ bank accounts. Very little was discussed; Very little attention was paid to this crucial meeting of the story. Let us face it: this may be the new frontier of the struggle against all forms of hostility and justifiable indecency against the increasingly asymmetrical and unequal order of capitalist balance of power on a planetary scale – and will be justified. Well yes, power in Canada, which refers to the rainbow and the fugitive TrudeauThe possibility was openly acknowledged The bank accounts of the rebels must be frozen. Keep in mind that this can happen in a click, just like Facebook profiles or YouTube channels: it is part of the giant restoration of the planetary turbocapitalism sans frontier, and an integral part of a way of restructuring people’s lives with a dictatorial key. , Justifies this with the story of Infinite Emergency.

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It is in this force, among other things, that we explain why power is so strongly emphasized The daily struggle against money. Now it must be clear: we already have in 2018 our book, “The History and Sense of Prigaryat,” which aims to break the remnants of capitalism, neoliberal plotocracy, hegemonic oligarchy, as a form of freedom. The banoptic control of the banking system and financial turbopopitalism are often about fraudulent activities operating on a global scale.
In essence, money is still a function that is not fully integrated into the dominant system. One day when no more than virtual money is deposited in the banks, under full control over the lives of citizens, power can be given in a complete and dictatorial form, or – this is the sign. Case in point – by disabling accounts of all subjects that are in many ways inconsistent and in no way aligned.

In short, just like blocking Facebook profiles with one click now, one day they can block the bank accounts of dissidents with one click, thereby neutralizing them instantly.

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