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War in Ukraine seen from Canada

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To understand Canada’s sentiments and first reaction, it is necessary to create some complexes, at the level of politics, media and public opinion. If we talk about Article 1 of the Italian Constitution, we can really say it. “Canada is a federal country established on the basis of social respect“And this respect (yes, with a capital R) is not a utopian myth or a concise concept: it is a fundamental rule widely used in personal relations, in the broadest sense of the word and in international behavior. The role of guarantee and “civil coexistence”, owned by Sergio Matterella in Italy, has been closed by the governor of the Crown. Because the United States is Canada’s largest trading partner, it must be emphasized that culturally, socially, and legally, the United States and Canada are polar opposites: arms sales are banned here, not the death penalty. ” Again “tax crime or simple speed will become a criminal matter. Social respect violates the rule. Finally, it should be emphasized that ours is an immigrant country, in which there are many and many different ethnic groups, of one million and four million people of Ukrainian descent (first, second and third generation), or about 4% of the Canadian population. This is the second largest Ukrainian community outside national borders. (The first is in Russia).

On February 24, we all woke up with a confused amazement: from Trudeau to the man on the street, through the media and universities. The invasion of Ukraine is seen as a re-emergence of twentieth-century nationalism, deceived into believing it was locked in some treasury at the ceiling of history from Halifax to Vancouver. Of course, we are not. “Imagination”, Our minorities are inspired by the dictator Is going on South of the border (Donald), French-speaking Quebec sometimes has some nationalist regression (limited to linguistic issues), but the majority of Canadians, French-speaking or English-speaking, do not accept dictatorship, aggression, abuse and abuse of collective rights, yet More often than not, they view nationalism as racially or religiously diverse. Here comes the concept of respect, one of the simplest and most linear: Freedom of expression, opinion and belief, however, ends where the freedom of others begins. This applies to my neighbors as well as the government with other states.

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It may seem naive, but in name “Respect“For a Canadian Company”Abuse“Politics is incomprehensible (to imagine): from Trump to Xi Jinping, from Putin to Kim Yong-un, from Aliyev to Bashar al-Assad, it is really difficult to formulate the opinion of a leader who will dismiss and use weapons and death as a political tool for his own pleasure. Who has the freedom? Why is it difficult to understand? I will illustrate it with a practical example, taking a note from a fact that actually happened: for his or her constitutional duty, every Member of Parliament in Canada is obliged to respond in writing to the question of whether the citizen of his or her elected constituency will be informed in this case. Did not respond to letters: As a result, after the intervention of a newspaper, he was forced to resign. Let’s put that aside when it comes to caries!

Hours after the attack in Kiev, many questions from “ordinary people” appeared in the media (newspapers, television, the Internet and social media). I adjourn the political-military, I would like to talk first about the most favorite aspect of the Canadian people: what to do with the overpriced refugees and the general public? A few hours ago, the Quebec government offered to open its doors with funds and facilities to accommodate the maximum number of fleeing Ukrainians (size to be determined soon), while the Saskatchewan government had already paid a few million dollars to the Ukrainians. The community living in Prairie helps distant families move to this side of the ocean. Of course, other provincial governments and Ottawa’s federal government will make similar efforts in a few weeks, but writing these lines just hours after the first missile was launched, I can not confirm the exact data.

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The bewilderment of the alarm clock quickly turned into a series of other questions: What is the real danger to democracy in general, including Canada? Is the Canadian social model declining? Is our vision of freedom healthy or sick? What is our immunity from the virus of nationalist and populist tendencies? What are the sanctions against Russia in the end?

The latest epidemic shows everyone how small the planet is, so even Ukrainian events are viewed by ordinary people with the same closeness and speed as the spread of Kovit-19. Concerns about the country’s democratic stability and the potential nationalist / populist virus (Donald Trump or Putin style) are most pervasive on social media today, according to La Vox Populi. This morning, Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Ray, answered a number of questions from radio listeners during a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) program. The diplomat did not deny the urgent need to reconsider the UN international order, which was described by the masses as “fleeing and powerless,” but, above all, the urgency to think of a few ways to defend Western democracies. The same active protection. He did not deny his own surprise, such as reaching Parliament Hill from the most remote part of the country: no one had predicted the crude breadth of Vladimir Putin’s intentions. In short, “Surprise factor“It has led politicians and civil society to experience the real test of blind collective dizziness and suddenly interrupted dreams.

How are potential future actions obtained? Canada, civil and pacifist, by definition, does not want war and will never attack another people. People believe that barriers are not enough because of Vladimir Putin’s “mental illness” (Jarin’s psychological aspect is revealed in every conversation on social media). There are many summaries with the origins of Nazism in Germany, and it is not difficult for anyone to compare Putin with Adolf Hitler: the ambassador himself did not cut short the words. Despite the peace of mind, the country feels an integral part of NATO when it touches on the principles outlined above and the public opinion has no qualms about declaring itself in favor of going to the battlefield: “Do what needs to be done“In the past, immigrants of various European descent or Jewish faiths sought help and Canada participated in World War II and contributed 45,500 lives. Today Canadians-Ukrainians are affected. Tomorrow it may be Italian-Canadians or anyone else: ideas of social unity and freedom Quebec’s Prime Minister Franois Legald, who often disagrees with Ottawa, has already backed any decision by Justin Trudeau to defend democracy and alliances, despite the fact that they may occasionally go to distant lands and fight, even if the government does not.

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