March 30, 2023

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“Ready to win anything” –

In the city renamed Stalingrad for the occasion, the Russian president reflected the story of the military special operation: Russia is an attacking country. And he threatens: the modern war with us will be completely different: we will not be limited to tanks

Dear veterans and friends! Today we celebrate a very important date, full of fate, in the history of our country and in the history of the whole world. Exactly 80 years ago, here in the Stalingrad land, on the banks of the mighty Volga, the hated and fierce enemy was stopped and irreparably withdrawn.

The first part of the letter Russian President Vladimir Putin It seems to emerge from the repository of warlike rhetoric used in every latitude and in all circumstances. But it became clear to everyone that the visit is in one Volgograd Renamed Stalingrad for the occasion, with the banners at the entrance to the city replaced, as happens nine times a year for each of the anniversaries commemorating the defeat of the Nazis, it was the perfect opportunity to put the seal on the final change of dogma imposed by the Kremlin. To reverse a taleSpecial military operation Especially the land of Russia. The aggressor is no longer a sovereign state, but a country attacked by enemy forces and forced to defend itself, as happened in Stalingrad. President’s words target the domestic market, including his loud voice about the firepower of the heirs of the Red Army. Despite ever more intense television propaganda about this mutilation of Russia, some polls, which the Kremlin pays close attention to, across the country show that residents may share the attack on Ukraine last February, but few are heard of those involved. in the current conflict.

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Thus, lift your hearts with rhetorical devices that connect two events that are very different from each other. Our moral duty, first of all, to the victorious soldiers in that battle, is to carefully and in full force preserve the memory of this heroic enterprise, to pass it on to succeeding generations, and not to allow anyone to distort its representation. Underestimating the role of the Battle of Stalingrad in the victory over Nazism and the liberation of the whole world from this terrible evil.

So far, so good. Then comes the second part. With a lot of thread that sews stalingrad and Bakmut, just to name one of the many current battlefields. Now, unfortunately, we see that the ideology of Nazism in its contemporary form again creates direct threats to the security of our country. Time and time again we are forced to fend off the West’s collective aggression. It seems unbelievable, but it is a fact: they threaten us again with German tanks FahadAt its edge are crosses. And again there is a fight on the soil of Ukraine against Hitler’s henchmens


. Stefan Bandera was a Ukrainian politician who sided with the Nazi occupiers during World War II, and founded the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Putin used Banderiani several times to appoint the current government in Kyiv. He also did so in his speech on February 24, in which he spoke of the start of the bombing of the main Ukrainian cities. He’s used that insult sparingly lately. In a context reminiscent of Russia’s greatest victory, it fits perfectly into this increasingly vivid new narrative that constantly intertwines past and present.

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But the association with the victories of the Great Patriotic War would be sterile without reaffirming one’s own strength, without instilling in the mobilizing Fatherland the conviction that Russia causes fear in the whole world, today as the Soviet Union then. Putin is considered a masterobiniaki, an archaic and almost untranslatable word, means to speak in allusions, to hint at something without emphasizing it. The next sentence is proof of that. Those who drag European countries, including Germany, into a new war, Those who count on victory over us on the battlefield, They clearly do not understand that a modern war with Russia would be very different for them. We don’t send our tanks to their borders but we have something else to fight back with. We will not be limited to the use of armored vehicles. We are confident of our victory. Everyone should understand this.

Put like that, it could also be a hidden nuclear threat. It didn’t matter much that the trusted spokesperson, when asked by Russian journalists who were also anxious about what they had just heard, somehow softened the weight of those words. The President noted the great potential of Russia, which will be used to respond to the new weapons presented to Ukraine by the collective West in the course of the special military operation. Obinyaki Or less so, Putin said, without saying so. Willing to do anything to win. The message that has reached its destination. Not only in Russia.