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Tonight is the Warriors midweek game against Trieste for fifth place

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Hockey on the Line: Tonight is the Warriors midweek game against Trieste for fifth place

The Warriors need a win to finish in fifth place. Ferrara Hockey midweek tour which tonight at 20.30 at ‘G. Burani will once again take the field inside the friendly walls to host Tergeste Trieste, in their last home match of the first stage of the Serie A championship. Missing since day one, when Ferrari won 4-3 against Tore Belles. This promises to be a meeting full of pitfalls as the host team is committed to winning the three points, to continue the confrontation head-to-head with Verona to win fifth place. In fact, two days after the end, the Ferrara hockey ranking standings are heading upwards to reach the fifth position, a position to reach the main round. With 20 points, Warriors Ferrara and Cos Verona are currently in charge, but it is Scala who is leading to win head-to-head matches. In the next round, Verona will face at home HC Milano, second in the standings, and then at the bottom of the group away from home against Tore Bellis, while Ferrara will go to visit HC Milano in the last round.

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