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Germany, cybersecurity chief stormed: he is accused of having contacts with Russian intelligence

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Head of the German Federal Office for safety in Information Technology (BSI) Arne Schonbaum He’s about to lose his job. he is Handelsblatt who – which Build And the ARD Report unanimously to the Minister of the Interior Nancy Visser (Spd) bent on removing Schönbohm for communication with environments secret services Russians Through the pressure association “Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland eV” (CSRD), born inAugust 2012of which he was a founding chairman until February 2016. He has been a member of the association since then June 2020 So far, an IT security company has also been present.”Protelion GmbH“In Berlin, it is still active at the end of March”Infotecs GmbHA subsidiary of Russian company “OAO Infotecs,” which the Policy Network Analytics research group notes was founded by a Former KGB Agent.

Shunbum’s role was highlighted among the first by the satirist Jan Böhmermann On Channel Two of German Public Television ZdF. The association that Schönbaum co-founded has on some occasions presented itself as Governmental institution He remained in contact with Russian intelligence, however, already in 2019 he appeared from the investigations “Contrast“Affiliate” ARD. In reaction to the press disclosure, CSRD announced today that it has disqualified Protelion GmbH “because the allegations raised are not suitable with the aim of fighting cyber crime and enhancing cybersecurity, which CSRD eV feels obligated to more than ever.”

Being a public official, the current head of the British Institute of Intelligence simply cannot be dismissed, the ministry must find him a A new task While at the same time urgently searching for his country alternative. In any case, the periodic report on the status of National Cyber ​​Security which Schönbaum was supposed to hold on Thursday with Minister Visser. Agency dpa Reports that they’ve been in Nancy Phaser’s decastery for some time discontent For the conduct of the President of the British Standards Institute and the latter’s participation in Decade From CSRD the camel’s back has simply overflowed.

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Scandal under Russian aggressionUkraine. With a special effect also for doubts On the paternity ratio of ruin To subsea pipelines from Nord Streamwhich Germany is also examining scuba-diving teams, and after investigators indicated they assumed it foreign responsibilities Even in Saturday’s attack in digital communication Railroad GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications – Rail) which blocked rail traffic for hours in north subordinate Germany.

In the Bundesamtes für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) working at least 600 experts Mathematicians, computer scientists and technicians dealing with German IT security. Arne Schönbaum has chaired the British Standards Institute since then June 1, 2016 By the will of the Minister of the Interior at that time Thomas de Maiziere (CDU). CDU سياسي political son Jorg schoenbumHe was the head of an IT consulting firm, but his appointment was criticized from the start because he had to control the work of the companies that were affiliated with him. pressure association CSRD. spokesperson vegetables network problems Konstantin von Knotts “You cannot get rid of the feeling that the Ministry of Interior has not considered who you want to name,” he stated. In the Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland eV there are organizations such as TÜVand companies like Commerzbankand IBM, Vattenfall, and Evonik Industries, Miss and Youngsection armament From EADS and IT Security Inc. Kaspersky. Any representatives of the sector whose products BSI is recalled for to make sure And the Witness. According to the German website leppedia CSRD is also a member of, among others, the CDU Economic Council.

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