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‘Bigger than anything seen’

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Adam Warlock is still far from perfect But, unlike him, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 appears to be pretty close to him, at least according to James Gunn in a recent interview.

The director seems to be a lot Excited for the final chapter of the trilogyAnd he certainly did not miss the opportunity to sing his praises. He joked with a Hollywood Reporter:

“This is a much bigger movie than the other two, and it’s more exciting than the other two,” He has James Jean. It is a longer film than the other two films. Bigger than anything seen. It was really relaxing to do that, in fact… I’m very familiar with the actors, so I know what they have to do.”

Then the director added: “They’ve gotten better at their jobs, so I don’t have to be there all the time to call them back. In many ways, it’s been really easy, it’s really natural for me. I understand that. But I also give it my all.” I push myself to create something completely different of what preceded it, but at the same time it honors what preceded it.”

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 End of an erain fact not only a signFarewell James Gunn to the Marvel Cinematic Universe But, also last time, we’ll see this superhero team very complete.

What are your expectations for this movie? Tell us in the comments.

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