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A more ambitious sequel

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Arrived in 2020 Sonic – The Movie, embodying the success of the franchise that has long gone beyond the popular video game series to embrace various multimedia avatars, especially animation. The first direct action on SEGA’s most famous character came from a difficult pregnancy, especially after Controversy over the design of the first and controversial blue hedgehog. The result, however, was a fun and entertaining movie (you can learn more in our movie Sonic The Film Review), a product designed specifically for kids and teens but also satisfying to spend hundreds of hours among the pixels of a video game saga.

after vision Sonic 2which is the part that will reach cinemas from next April 7 (but First reactions to Sonic 2), we can tell you that the new adventure of our super fast hero confirms all the semblance of the former, Pushes for an additional decision on a comedy with very childish colors. A compromise that must be accommodated and accepted, especially to reward what is now the franchise’s main objective: the juniors. After accepting this model, it’s time to deepen our judgment!

Sonic 2, an explosive comeback

It was clear from the first act of this successful adaptation that the 2020 movie was just plain fun and appetizing for a more ambitious project, aiming to expand Sonic’s narrative world also on the big screen. and fact Sonic 2 is a bigger, more exciting and more explosive movie overall than its predecessorchoosing not to deviate an inch from the lighter tones that made it so successful.

Thus, eating the end Sonic – The MovieThe story begins with the revelation of the fate that happened Dr. Robotnik, trapped by the same hedgehog on the mushroom planet. Here, after spending several months searching for a way to return to Earth, he was finally intercepted by a mysterious tribe and meet nickles, a red echidna with a spirit of war and determined to follow the trail of our hero, whose fate seems to be linked to the fate of an ancient relic that grants its owner unlimited powers. It is enough to know the minimum “traditions” of SEGA video games to understand what we are talking about, and in this sense, already from the introduction, video game fans will be interested in how The original narrative universe is shaped in a more realistic way From the first Sonic in this live transmission. Meanwhile, Bladen adjusts to his new life on Earth: After being “adopted” by Tom and his wife, the supersonic creature is divided between a forced natural existence and urges him to help people in difficulty, improvising himself as a hero. the night. The result of the combination of problems more than anything else.

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But when his relatives disappear for an entire weekend due to his commitment, what seemed to Sonic like a fun-filled weekend turns into. A new battle to save the world: Dr. Eggman has returned from the depths of the universe in which he was confined, and finally returns with reckless joints in his wake, with the goal of eliminating his swift enemy forever and capturing an ancient power capable of making him the undisputed master of the world. This time Sonic is not alone in the fight to avert disaster: little lounger tailsan adorable two-tailed fox, arrives on our planet to support our favorite porcupine, and will prove to be a valuable ally right from the start thanks to his superior ingenuity and great technological gadgets.

Better or worse than the first chapter?

From a writing point of view, Sonic 2 is the perfect successor to the first chapter: Self Sonic 1 Set as a story about the origins, the second episode is to confirm and unify the narrative universe of the individual, a very basic story without particular flashes.

The protagonist, despite having already avoided the threat, must understand what it means to be a hero and when it is time to actually be so. Above all, Sonic must learn to face evil not for his own inaction, but to assume his responsibilities to others. Speech is as simple as it is effective, especially for a young audience. As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere of Jeff Fowler’s movie specifically targets this last slice of sound, packed with animated comedy that is enhanced by this very childish sequel. This must be acknowledged Not all combo tools work properly, especially in some parts of the movie where the comedy grabs a lot. Parts of the plot are, after all, insignificant to the economy of the entire story, which might also have been done without it.

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Above all because the film’s funniest setting, more than some of the supporting actors who care little or nothing, is backed up again by the pillars of the first act: on the other hand, the sympathy, tenderness and freshness of the multidimensional animals, enriched by the presence of two new protagonists to be their discovery; On the other hand The charisma and stage presence of Jim Carrey is always decent, perfectly placed under the guise of a more amplified, higher-profile villain than the previous iteration. So much so that all the other surrounding characters seem to eclipse, from James Marsden and Tika Sumpter who are less central than they were in the past, to all the other minor, forgettable faces.

Here, despite his subtle flaws in writing Sonic 2 is a movie that knows how to be likable Thanks to the tangible and hidden love of SEGA video games, to which so many Easter eggs and references are directed to the delight of even the most seasoned spectator, whom we recommend in any case to watch the feature film along with children’s companions for the full enjoyment of the Wonderfully childlike patina From Sonic 2. That doesn’t mean, however, that the movie’s props are not of a good standard, especially if you think you’re dealing with live action for families on a very high budget.

The above translates to Good animation of the three heroes omen And in the use of special effects, as well as for the artistic direction of the entire project. Sonic 2 is a more explosive and exciting sequel than its predecessor, especially in terms of battles and more adrenaline-pumping sequences. On the other hand, with Knuckles’ fist on one side, and Eggman’s new gadgets on the other, and with some new and wonderful powers among the brave blue hedgehog, The resulting mixture can only be fun For connoisseurs of video games and electrified for the youngest fans.

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