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The Blues give Manita to Germany (5-0)

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Italy will host the European Under-17 Championships, which started yesterday in San Sadorni Danuiain Spain. Against Germany, in the second match of Group B, team Mr. Massimo Giudice He scored 5-0 to take the Italian team to first place in Group B.
In the highly probable hypothesis that Portugal outperform Andorra in the scheduled match, it will be a direct confrontation between them Italia And the Portugalscheduled for the evening of Wednesday, September 21 at 19, to determine the first place in the group.

Italy and Germany: the match
The match against Germany was expected in Italy as a more reliable rehearsal than the easy first match against Andorra. Indeed, having given Portugal a headache on Monday evening, the Germans did not easily surrender even to the Azores. Decent defensive style and excellent physical condition kept the Teutonics in the game for at least three quarters of the match.
In the first half, the Blues lead directly with BracaliBut the match is in great balance and also worked for Mughni, who defends the goal in an excellent way. The first time, Mr. Giudice increased the pressure on the Germans, gaining the blues meters and putting the Germans in obvious difficulty. The double comes on the second attempt from a far place with Vicenza john stonecutter (He’s also his brother Antonio in blue) who slips out from under the crossbar. 3-0 only comes into the final with a shot powders Put on goal by a defender skate.

In the second half, the double shot of Giovanni Tagliapitra
Recovery develops at a slower pace, also because the temperature inside Ateneu is usually summer. Fast acceleration is enough for Italy to close accounts thanks stonecutter Which gives the impression of direct fire and the captain Colamari The one who hits the corner with a violent shot from medium distance.
Colamari’s goal in the eighth series of shots also gives Italy priority in the event that it is impossible to finish on equal points after an infinite series of 15 direct shots missed.

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Wednesday with Portugal to head the group
Wednesday 21 September On 19 Italy will play first place in the group against Portugal. Having eliminated the goal difference and taking Portugal’s victory over Andorra on Tuesday night for granted, in the event of a tie at the end of normal time, direct shots will establish the first place in the Group B standings.

SCOREBOARD – GERMANY – ITALY, 0-5 (1st half: 0-3)
: 1.12 Bracali, 7.57 Tagliapitra (TD), 18.36 pulverine. Second half: 9.39 Tagliapietra (TD), 9.50 Colamaria.
GermanyHeinz, Kiel, Hulk, Schmidt, Heinrichs, Kolmer, Howe, Rimbek, Drusel, Durban. Feldhof flocks.
Italia: Politi, J Tagliapitra, A Tagliapitra, Tomba, Di Bari, Colamaria, Ufa, Bracali, Pulverini, Magnani. Judge.
the reviewer: Casemiro (Por) and Lee Min (Fra)
note: Kulmer and Schmidt kicked out for 2′. Direct shots for a tie: 0-1 (Colamaria). Not called up in Italy: Maggie and Carriere

Blue Under 17 is invited to the world
blue CT scan Maximum Judge and his deputy Valerio to rise 12 athletes have been selected for this European Union. Only two of them were at Paredes last year: Paolo Colamarea (2006, AFP Giovinazzo), named captain of the team, and Alessandro Ufa (2006, RH Scandiano). The other Blues are goalkeepers Ernesto Maggi (2007, Follonica), Marco Mognini (2007, Follonica) and Filippo Poletti (2008, SPV Viareggio) and outsiders Claudio Bracali (2006, Follonica), Francesco Carriere (2006, Pumas Viareggio), Angelo Di Bari ( 2006, Agence France-Presse Giovinazzo), Mattia Boliverini (2007, Follonica), Antonio stonecutter (2007, Briggans), john stonecutter (2006, Briggans), Marco Tomb (2006, Valdagno).

Pictured below (from FISR) from left: Giovanni Tagliopetra, Claudio Bracali, Paolo Colamarea.

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