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The generic contraceptive pill is back in China: Four people stand in a procession with banners and anti-pollution suits. Controversy – Video

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Four people accused of human trafficking were forced to live in a public shelter in the south of the country China. The video of the officers escorting the accused, in hazmat suits, went viral in the country, sparking controversy. According to the BBC, the pill was held on Tuesday, December 28, in Jinji, Guangxi Province. According to some newspapers, the accusation is also for illegally allowing people to enter the country, which is still “armored” due to Covid-19.

The video, which shows the four men with banners hanging around their necks with their pictures and names, accompanied by two clients, has sparked numerous reactions on social media and media sites.

to me Guangxi Daily This type of measure serves as a deterrent to crimes committed along the border, and is in line with the prevention rules dictated by Covid. The authorities say the epidemiological situation along the border is “serious and complex”. From a completely different opinion Beijing news, which states that the outcast “seriously violates the spirit of the law and can no longer be accepted.”

A storm on social networks such as Weibo, where news became a trend, and where many users talked about “going back to the past hundreds of years”. However, other users expressed their support, which sparked more controversy.

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